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No client or task is too big or too small for me!

Career Guidance

Are you indecisive on what career to choose? Or would you like to do something completely different? Choose your career wisely because it will have an impact on your finances, self esteem, health and happiness. Let’s talk about it!

Job Search Assistance

If you feel overwhelmed by your job search or don’t know where to start, I will show you how you can search for your dream job the modern way. The more details you can provide about your expectations, the better I can help you.

Cover Letter writing

Don’t underestimate the importance of a great cover letter! It’s an additional powerful tool that can help you to promote yourself more effectively. I can help you to write a customized cover letter for every job you are applying for.

CV writing

Times have changed! If you really want to impress an employer and get invited to a job interview, you need an achievement-focused CV. I will help you in creating your very own masterpiece in which your strengths and skills will be highlighted. Get the attention you deserve!

Job Interview Coaching

It’s all about confidence and preparation! I can coach you for any kind of job interview (face to face, phone, video, panel or lunch interview). I will give you tips on how to really stand out from the crowd. Learn what to do before, during and after your interview.

Thank You Letter writing

A recent survey revealed that 59 % of HR Managers consider sending a post-interview thank you note as helpful. Let me write an impressive, customized thank you note that will make you even more memorable to your prospective employer!

Soft Skills Training

Often it’s the “soft skills” that you will need in order to be really successful in your job. How good are your interpersonal skills? My personalized training can help you to overcome your weaknesses in a professional, quick and effective way.

Workplace Dilemma

Whatever issue you might face at your workplace, there is a solution to everything! You just need to find it. Why not sharing it with me? I would love to help you to reduce your stress in an effective, useful way and find a suitable solution.

Online Presence

When people google you, what do they find out about you? Nothing? Then let me show you smart ways how you can create and maintain an impeccable online presence you will feel proud of! Don’t be invisible, take action. It’s time for you to SHINE!

Public Speaking Engagements

When giving speeches I love the interaction with my audience! My delivery style is: enthusiastic, professional, motivating, enriching and captivating. I’m a Master in storytelling, always eager to share lots of tips and my personal experiences, book me!

Career Blogging

Looking for a guest blogger or ghostwriter? I’m experienced in writing blog articles that are: engaging, SEO optimized, keyword based, error free, well researched, grab the reader’s attention and are 100 % plagiarism free.

Language Translations

I can translate your content (CV, cover letter, thank you notes, website content, training manuals, etc.) accurately and manually from English -> German or vice versa, Italian -> English or vice versa, German -> Italian or vice versa.

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4 Reasons to hire ME

"Enthusiasm is the daily food of successful people, it makes ordinary people EXTRAORDINARY!"

I love ... the strugglers, the career changers, the unemployed, the unconfident, the insecure, the clueless, the hopeless, the rejected, the desperate, the monolingual, the unsuccessful and the inexperienced individuals! Why? Because they give me the chance to make a positive difference in their professional life! Let me help you too! These are the 4 reasons why you should work with me...

  • I have 20 years of international work experience (UK, Italy, India) in different industries. I have seen it all as a job seeker, Recruitment Professional, EmployabilityTrainer/Coach and multitasker. I'm fully familiar with all the ups and downs.

  • I'm qualified as a Career Coach, Recruitment Professional, Etiquette Consultant and Trainer/Teacher from international institutions. I also have an MBA from the University of Leicester (UK) and several other HR-related certifications.

  • I love what I do and don't hesitate to go the extra mile. I listen attentively to my clients' needs and offer always a tailor made solution to their very personal problem. My clients success is my first priority.

  • I'm multilingual and can assist you with your dilemmas in English, German and Italian.


What can you expect?

Confidence boosted!

Job Interview offered!

Job found!

Soft Skills improved!

Career dilemma solved!

Online Presence optimized!

Respect earned!

Goals achieved!

Stress reduced!

Time saved!

Money well invested!

Career enhanced!

Highly satisfied Career Heads

I let them do the talking...

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