Attending a Train the Trainer Etiquette Course: Viki Keshishyan reveals

Viki KeshishyanViki Keshyshyan is a course graduate from the Etiquette and Leadership Institute ( She is the Founder and CEO of Universal Etiquette ( In this interview she will share her experience in attending a Train the Trainer etiquette course at the Etiquette and Leadership Institute.  



Karin Schroeck-Singh: What was your reason for attending a train the trainer etiquette course?
Viki Keshishyan: I saw that many in society do not care to be polite or courteous and/or losing important opportunities because of luck of etiquette intelligence. I wanted to learn more myself and become an Etiquette teacher for a long time, but it was a sleeping dream. And then, everything turned out the way I wanted it to. I felt it was the perfect time to pursue my dream.


Karin Schroeck-Singh: Why did you choose The Etiquette and Leadership Institute?  
Viki Keshishyan: I have chosen The Etiquette and Leadership Institute because I wanted to gain knowledge and material to work with children (which I did) and because of its affiliation with The Protocol School of Washington, which I attended a year before, and I knew what level of professionalism to expect.


Karin Schroeck-Singh: How long did the course last and how was it structured?
Viki Keshishyan: The course lasted five days, and was very intensive. We were given the highlights of our future profession, a lot of material to absorb later, and unconditional support from our instructors.


Karin Schroeck-Singh: What was the most valuable thing you learned in this training? 
Viki Keshishyan: To be an Etiquette Consultant is a lifestyle and not a profession. 


Karin Schroeck-Singh: How many other course attendees participated in this training? 
Viki Keshishyan: It was in the spring of 2008, and eight other attendees participated in that course.


Karin Schroeck-Singh: How was the networking opportunity during that course? 
Viki Keshishyan: Excellent. Our instructors gave us opportunity to write down all contact information for each of us to network later, encouraged us to talk to each other, and they used every moment, literally– every moment, to answer all our questions and give us more insider information.


Karin Schroeck-Singh: How much did you pay for it? 
Viki Keshishyan: The price was reasonable, and it was worth each penny.


Karin Schroeck-Singh: Would you recommend this course to friends? If so, give me three reasons why. 
Viki Keshishyan: Yes, yes, and yes. 1.) The environment was very warm and friendly. 2.) The instructors – are the professionals of the highest level. 3.) Although it is a lot of material to consider, it is all structured and “folded” (I mean it is in folders already, one does not have to organize it. It is already done for you).


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Karin Schroeck-Singh: How would you generally rate it on a scale from 1 to 10?
Viki Keshishyan: 10 +.


Karin Schroeck-Singh: What was the best part from the course? (the material, the trainers, the environment, the networking opportunity,…)?
Viki Keshishyan: The trainers — their friendship and help. The feeling that you always will be welcomed with your concerns and questions in a troubled minute and rooted in your triumph.


Karin Schroeck-Singh: If you would have the chance of changing anything about that course, what would it be? 
Viki Keshishyan: The duration (we had a wonderful time there and wanted more).


Karin Schroeck-Singh: If you would attend this course again, is there anything you would be doing differently? 
Viki Keshishyan: I would pay much earlier for the course so I could have access to the recommended list of books and other educational material much earlier, so I could read more and be more prepared for the course and could ask more advances questions.
Karin Schroeck-Singh: What is your favorite subject matter in etiquette and why? 
Viki Keshishyan: My favorite “subject in etiquette” are children. It is so rewarding to give them knowledge that will make their life better, because “Knowledge is power!” And Etiquette knowledge is a subtle and strong power.


Karin Schroeck-Singh: What was the worst faux pas you ever witnessed in your life? 
Viki Keshishyan: I saw a lot of them, but recently, I witnessed a shocking scene when a man was smoking one cigarette after another at a table in a Banquet Hall, and there were children sitting at the same table.


Karin Schroeck-Singh: What is the most important thing you learnt in your career as an Etiquette Consultant? 
Viki Keshishyan: Respect people with whom you are interacting and do not break the Etiquette rules even if you are perfectly sure these people do not know those rules. And do not show it in any way that they might have committed a faux pas.


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Karin Schroeck-Singh: Would you mind sharing your last personal faux pas? 
Viki Keshishyan: I entered the company of the older ladies whom I knew. My aunt was among them. I kissed my aunt in a chick and because the place was crowded, I did not make an attempt to shake other ladies hands (especially they did not anticipated it— it was not necessary in the culture to do it). I said a general Hello to others. I felt weird aftermath; it felt that I omitted something. 


Karin Schroeck-Singh: Thank you very much for sharing your experience with our readership. I highly appreciate it, Viki. 


If you are interested in becoming an Etiquette Consultant and consider attending a Train the Trainer etiquette course, feel free to check out the Etiquette and Leadership Institute, too.
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