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patricia rossi Patricia Rossi is a nationally acclaimed Business Etiquette Coach, book author of ‘Everyday Etiquette’ – How to Navigate 101 Common and Uncommon Social Situations (now in its fifth edition), spokesperson and columnist. She has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg  Businessweek, HGTV, USA Today, Real Simple and many other publications. Her fun and interactive seminars on business etiquette and social influence are loved by universities, professional sports teams, corporations and other audiences. She is also the host of NBC Daytime’s weekly Manners Minute which airs in 165 syndicated television markets. Patricia Rossi lives in Florida with husband Bobby and two sons Jackson and Harrison. I would highly recommend to visit her website at and to follow her also on Twitter (@PatriciaRossi).


7 Things I love about Everyday Etiquette 


# 1 – This book is a good mix and covers both topics very well, social etiquette as well as business etiquette. Often etiquette books cover either one or the other topic, this one gives you great advice in both areas. It gives you numerous etiquette tips on dealing with friends, relatives, your children, your pets, acquaintances, visitors, work colleagues and the general public in various situations.

# 2 – Patricia Rossi includes at the beginning of each chapter a personal experience. Some are really good stories and people remember the lessons learnt from them so much easier.

# 3 – There are some etiquette topics that you would not easily find in other books, such as: Tobacconist Tips for the Cigar Enthusiast, Etiquette Tips on: Poker, Skyboxes, Triathlons, NASCAR races, Tattoo Studios, traveling on cruises, service animal etiquette etc.

# 4 – The Etiquette Quiz at the beginning. Readers always love to test their Etiquette IQ, this is the chance to find out how etiquette savvy you are!

everydayetiquettebook# 5 – Every chapter had some illustrations that highlight the most important tips on a certain topic. This visual addition makes it more memorable for the reader.

# 6 – Some topics provided useful real-life examples. For instance, how to write an effective Thank-you note or sentences you should avoid saying when you are trying to comfort a person with a life-threatening disease.

# 7 – The Q & A session at the end. It answers very interesting etiquette dilemmas, e.g. how to unfriend someone on Facebook.

How I would rate this book?

I would give it a 9.5 out of 10.


I would have given it a 10, if it ….

  • would have included even more personal stories and experiences throughout the book, not just at the beginning of each chapter.
  • would have had a conclusion at the end of the book. It ends with a Questions & Answer session which I found a bit abrupt.
  • The book could have provided:

– a final personal experience from the author that demonstrates that also nowadays manners DO matter or

– repeated the same quiz that has been presented at the beginning. The reader would have been made aware on how effective the lessons from the book have been. It would have proven if the mistakes made in the first quiz (before reading the book) would have been avoided in the same quiz at the end (after reading the book).


Patricia RossiWould I recommend Patricia Rossi’s book Everyday Etiquette?

Yes, definitely. Make yourself or your friends, relatives and acquaintances a special gift this year and buy Patricia’s Rossi etiquette book! This might be the best investment you might have ever made in your own personal development. A book that teaches you how to feel at ease and confident in any social as well as professional situation.” Karin Schroeck-Singh




Content of Everyday Etiquette

  • Test your Etiquette IQ (15 multiple choice questions with answers)
  • Introduction
  • Introducing Yourself (The Approach, proper introductions, body language, what to say, the handshake)
  • Communicating with Confidence (cell phones, email, text messaging, making conversation, name game, politely ending a conversation, responding to gossip
  • Social Media in Modern Times (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Skype, YouTube, Blogging)
  • Table Manners (bread and soup courses, entrees: Continental/American, dinner parties: host and guest responsibilities, banquets and buffets, taboo table topics, wine etiquette, toasts)
  • patriciarossi3Business Matters (Business cards, business lunches: host and guest responsibilities, casual Friday, conferencing: business meetings/teleconferences/videoconferences, home office, interview necessities, networking-building new and lasting relationships, office cubicles, office parties)
  • Children (Help your child shine!, Play Dates: Host and Guest responsibilities, sleepovers, children’s birthday parties: guest and host responsibilities, back-to-school success, sportsmanship, ghoulishly good manners for Halloween, social etiquette and respect for others, Thank-you Notes your kids will love writing)
  • Petiquette (the Dog Park, Pets and Travel, Visiting the Veterinarians’ Office, Service Animal Etiquette, Cat Owner Etiquette)
  • Travel (airplane/airport etiquette, bed- and breakfast, camping, cruises, hotels, how to be a great host, how to be a great houseguest, traveling by train)
  • Giving and Receiving Gifts (Gift Giving, Receiving Gifts, Regifting)
  • Invitations, Sympathy Cards, and Thank-You Notes (Evites, Invitations/RSVP Etiquette, Sympathy Cards, Thank-You Notes)
  • Out and About (Art Museums, Beach Day, Boating, Concerts, Dating Dos and Don’ts, Fragrance in public, getting around, the grocery store, the Gym, Hospital Visits, Internet Cafe and Wi-fi manners, mingle, movie theaters, new neighbors, poolside, Spas, Tattoo Studios, the theater/performing arts Center, Theme Parks, tips on tipping, tobacconist tips for the Cigar Enthusiast, the Zoo)
  • Sports (Championship Game Parties: Super Bowl/World Series etc.), Golf, NASCAR, Poker, Skyboxes, Stadiums, Tailgating, Tennis, Triathlons)
  • Encouragement in Tough Times (Bad News and How to Handle it, job loss or bankruptcy, funerals, illness/unfavorable Medical diagnosis)
  • Celebrations (anniversaries, bridal and baby showers, graduations, religious Birth and Coming-of-Age Ceremonies, quinceaneras and Sweet Sixteens, weddings).
  • Questions and Answers (it answers 13 interesting etiquette dilemmas)

Book Title: “Everyday Etiquette – How to  Navigate 101 Common and Uncommon Social    Situations”, 7th edition

Book Author: Patricia Rossi (

Publishing House: St. Martin’s Press

ISBN N.: 978-0-312-60427-1

Price: $ 11.70 ( – Hardcover), $ 9.99 Kindle edition


If you know anyone who could benefit from this book Everyday Etiquette, make sure you share it. You’ll be helping them out and me too! Thanks!

Author: Karin Schroeck-Singh

Karin Schroeck-Singh is a trilingual Career Optimizer at She has an MBA from the University of Leicester (UK) and gained 20 years of international work experience in various industries in Italy, the UK and India. Her passion lies in creating multilingual, high-quality content in career matters, giving highly engaging public speeches and helping job seekers to optimize their career by providing professional coaching. She is the author of several ebooks, among them “44 Tips for a successful Video Interview” ( She has written several career and business articles for international HR and Marketing companies. Her favourite motto is “Learn from anyone, anywhere, anytime!” Follow her on Twitter @CareerHeads.

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