Book Review: The Job Inner View by Scott Engler

The innerview Scott EnglerScott Engler is the Author of “The Job Inner-View,” and “Legends of The Recruiting & Career World,” and a featured guest blogger at, Human Talent Network and CAREEREALISM. He also gave public speeches on his publications at Pepperdine University, the University of Oregon, and Cal Lutheran University.

In the past he gained experience as a Mental Health Clinician and Personal Trainer. Since 2014 he is the Head Coach of his own company at B.Y.O.B. Coaching & Consulting.  He loves helping people and entrepreneurs to ignite their “inner fire” to successfully reach the next level of their career. You can follow him on LinkedIn:, Twitter @StartUpsUniteUS, or visit his website


The Job Inner View – 7 Things I love about this book 


These are the 7 things I love about the book “The Job Inner View”


# 1 – The conversational writing style.

The author talks in a conversational style and doesn’t come across as someone who talks down to jobseekers but is rather perceived as a trustworthy advisor. Someone who has seen it, felt it, done it, experienced it.


# 2 – The personal experiences from a jobseeker’s perspective.

When I browse through job hunting books in a shop or library I always notice books that have been written by career advisors. What I particularly like in the book “The Job Innerview” is that the book author takes another approach and doesn’t write from a career coach perspective, but instead from a jobseeker’s perspective! He provides lots of useful advice which is based on his own personal experiences. He talks about his feelings, emotions, tactics and strategies on how to achieve his goal of landing a job quicker and more effectively. Having gained my own experiences in the career industry, I must say that there were 2-3 tips that were new to me too and which I appreciated learning about.


the innerview Scott Engler # 3 – The suggested job hunting ideas.

I liked the approach and more creative ideas in which the author describes the steps he took. For example, when being rejected he didn’t just move on to the next level but tried to use that opportunity to network too. Let’s be honest, what is the normal reaction once you get rejected? You move on to the next opportunity, right? That’s not what Scott Engler did. Let me quote from his book “The Job Inner View” the following part:


“I have learned over time that even getting turned down from a job could be an opportunity to network. Whenever I discovered I wasn’t hired for the position I interviewed for, I would do a few simple things. One was, I would thank them, and tell them I was very determined and passionate to do what I love for work. Next, I posed the question of what the person thought I could do to improve my chances of getting work in my field. Towards the end of the conversation, I would then ask them if they knew any other people I could contact that may be hiring. More often than not, people hearing this (assuming they had a heart, and were also somewhat passionate about their work), were more than happy to share what they could. Not only that, but if they already met me in person and liked me, I usually had no problem getting the employer to agree to give me a recommendation if contacted. Now, I not only had more leads, but a REFERAL! So I would then call these places, and state: “Jane Smith over at (insert company name) referred me to your company, and she mentioned you guys needed someone for this position, etc.” ….. See where I am going with this? “

Other topics he mentioned were e.g. how to work more productively in order to stay focused and not distracted, the importance of taking notes as a job seeker during the interview and many more.


# 4 – The topics.

The Job Innerview covers a variety of topics, such as: the benefits of volunteering without asking anything in return, the importance of knowing the right people and to act at the right time, the edge you get by asking the right questions and the relevance of a customised cover letter. Furthermore, it talks about the right strategy with regard to asking for references (there were two ideas in it which I never considered, and found valuable!), the power of positive first impressions due to your appearance, grooming etc. It also highlights the importance of assertive communication vs. aggressive communication, how to ask relevant questions to the interviewer, how to spot companies that are a good fit and making sure you don’t jump on a sinking ship! The Job Innerview also reveals strategies on how to close the interview in a more effective way, how to reduce anxiety for the job interview and how to finish strongly after the interview is over.


# 5 – The key point summary at the end of each chapter.

Having a key point summary at the end of each chapter helps the reader to keep the most essential parts in mind.


# 6 – Other book references.

Occasionally Scott Engler also mentioned some references from other books (eg. Dale Carnegie’s book on “How to win and influence people” and many others) by getting his point across more effectively. It surely shows that the book author did his research by looking beyond his own experiences, too. This gives jobseekers an additional resource to tackle their job search more effectively.


# 7 – The comparison between dating and job hunting.

I found the comparison interesting that Scott Engler made in his book “The Innerview”. He compared the job hunting process with the dating process and highlighted its similarities. He also emphasised the fact that with a good rapport, a positive attitude and a respectable level of self-assurance you can be off to a great start, be it for a job or a date. Some entertaining value could also be found in the made-up scenario of the author meeting Beyonce.


How would I rate it?

I would give it a 8.5 out of 10.



the innerview by Scott Engler Book Title: The Job Inner View

Book Author: Scott Engler

Publisher: Scott Engler

Year of Publication: 2013

ISBN-13: 2940016705576

Price: $12.95

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