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bookThe book “Power of Civility” is co-authored by 18 top civility and etiquette professionals who share their opinions, experiences and provide insightful tips on how to be more civilized. No matter whether it is at home, at work, in your community, in public or abroad. I found the concept of this book unique, because you can find topics on etiquette which are written by so many different experts. It’s like going to an industry-specific fair and meeting them all under one roof! Great! Many other industries should take a similar approach and write books in which many different authors share their expertise.

The Power of Civility

It includes the following 18 chapters:

  • The Power of One by Lew Bayer
  • Civility begins at home by Deborah King
  • Public Civility by Deborah McGrath
  • Stand out – don’t stick out by Tiffany Nielsen
  • The Power of Leadership Civility by Laura Barclay
  • Building an exceptional professional image by Jules Hirst
  • Lunchbox Civility – A tool for leaders by Penelope Paik
  • Develop your personal brand and power it with civility by Yasmin Anderson-Smith
  • Networking with Civility by Cheryl Walker-Robertson
  • Navigating the Social and Psychological complexities of incivility by Suzanne Zazulak Pedro
  • Civility – Making it a Lifestyle by Cindy Ann Peterson
  • To Say or not to say, that is the question by Shelby Scarbrough
  • Civility Communicates confidence by Tara Crawford
  • Civility on campus by Denise Pietzsch
  • Uncovering diamonds by Pat Walker Locke
  • Dining with Civility by Nonnie Cameron Owens
  • R for Mutual Respect by Suzanne Nourse
  • Cultural Considerations and Civility by Anita Shower        

My Favourite 3 Chapters

1.) The Power of Leadership Civility by Laura Barclay 

She included the results of a survey of business professionals on their thoughts and experiences of workplace civility, the negative impact of incivility, the different types of incivility, benefits of leadership civility for business and how to create a civil workplace. Highly interesting!

2.) Lunchbox Civility – A tool for leaders by Penelope Paik

She provides great tips on how to establish a clear, functional, successful and effective civility initiative for you and your organisation. Brilliant!

Furthermore, I got another book tip which talks about “The Cost of Bad Behaviour”.

3.) R for Mutual Respect – A booster for civility in Healthcare by Suzanne Nourse

I loved her article because everyone can somehow relate to what she wrote and – at some point in life – experienced similar situations when going to a healthcare professional. Suzanne provided 8 symptoms and remedies from the healthcare professional’s perspective and 7 symptoms and remedies from the patient’s perspective. Something particularly helpful and interesting for an Etiquette Consultant who trains companies in that subject matter. I wished more etiquette books would have a similar approach in which they don’t just give you general tips on manners but also what to do or how to react while experiencing inappropriate behaviour.

Every Etiquette Professional in this book “The power of Civility” wrote important things that we should bear in mind in our social as well as professional life. However, these were my personal three favourite articles because they covered topics that I did not come across in other etiquette books so far. As mentioned earlier, interesting survey results, a symptoms/remedy approach and how to implement an effective civility initiative inside a company. Wonderful, truly enjoyed reading “The Power of Civility”!

How would I rate it?

I would give it a 8.5 out of 10.

I would have given it a 10 if:

* It would have included some more topics which are hardly to find in other books or online. There are already many resources available which cover topics, such as: table manners, image etc.

* It would have included also other Etiquette Professionals from Europe, Asia and Australia who share their experiences, views and tips.

* It would have included one article about civility online (tech etiquette).

I was a bit less interested in reading about political civility and psychological complexities of incivility. However, I would recommend this book to companies, employees and definitely also to other Etiquette Professionals because of the diversity of topics, writing styles and views.

Title of the book: “The Power of Civility”

Publisher: Thrive Publishing

Year of publication: 2011

Number of pages: 212

Price: $ 24.00,

ISBN: 978-0-9829419-6-6


If you know anyone who could benefit from this book “The Power of Civility: Top Experts reveal the secrets of social capital”, make sure you share it. You’ll be helping them out and me too! Thanks!


Author: Karin Schroeck-Singh

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