Book Review “The Rich Recruiter” by Andrew Leong

Book "The Rich Recruiter"7 Things I love about the book “The Rich Recruiter”

Let me tell you the 7 things that I personally loved about the book “The Rich Recruiter” written by Andrew Leong.
# 1 – The content (like a training course).
I was looking for a book for Recruitment Consultants a long time ago but could never find anything suitable. This was the book I was waiting for and I was glad once I found it. No matter whether you are a newcomer to the recruitment industry or whether you are already an experienced recruiter, there are important lessons to be learnt from this book. When I was reading it, I felt like as if I would attend a corporate training course in which I will be taught step-by-step how to become a successful (rich) recruiter. The wealth of information you can find is invaluable. It covers basically every single step in the recruitment process, it’s very detailed. The focus is generally on how to sell effectively to clients as well as candidates. I thought WOW !!! finally someone who describes how it really is! Stuff that you usually don’t find on the internet.

# 2 – The personal experiences that the author shared. 
It’s like giving a speech. When you share stories and your personal experiences the whole message you want to convey to your audience comes across so much more memorable, interesting and invaluable. The authors illustrates a lot of real life scenarios and how to deal with them. Very useful tips!
# 3 – The price. 
I bought it as a Kindle book and thought WOW! if I would have to learn the same stuff by attending a course I would have to pay hundreds or thousands of pounds/dollars for it. This came at an incredible price! Well, in-house training provided by a company if you start out like a Recruiter/Consultant would not cost anything but you have to get the job in order to get started. Someone who would like to get started in this industry would not find this kind of information on the internet for free or at this low price.
# 4 – Practical advice. 
This book is anything else than theoretical. I remember from my MBA time how boring often HRM books can be, I can assure you that this book is very practical. It gives clear guidelines of steps to follow at different stages in the hiring game. You can find a wealth of questions to ask (your clients as well as candidates) in order to get the information you want. This will help you to make better decisions. Many questions that the author mentions can be used as a checklist. So, in that regard it might make more sense to buy the hardcopy version of the book to keep it handy at any time 🙂 Very, very useful tips!
# 5 – Real honest insights. 
The author gives you real insider information for this particular industry. For example, what strategies and practices some recruitment agencies apply in order to get candidates as well as clients.
# 6 – The writing style.
The style in which the book was written was great. Easy to read, truly motivational and in a way that makes you feel as if your best friend would be sitting next to you and reveal his most important secrets on how to succeed professionally.
# 7 – It will make an instant impact. 
I would consider it as a book that would be able to make you change your working style and method instantly. And as a consequence lead to more candidates, more clients and  an increased salary.

How would I rate it? 

I would definitely give “The Rich Recruiter” book a 10/10 rating because I consider it the best on the market which covers “Recruitment Sales” and not “just sales” or “just recruitment” in general. I would recommend it to anyone who is planning a career in recruitment. “The Rich Recruiter” book will inspire you because YOU will feel so much more confident in approaching your next recruitment challenges, that you will not feel afraid of anything. It really prepares you very well for any situation that you might face with candidates as well as clients! An absolute must read!
Title: The Rich Recruiter
Author: Andrew Leong
Publishing Company: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Year of Publication: May 2014
Pages: 232
ISBN10: 1500120030, 978-1500120030
ISBN-13: 978-1500120030
UK (Amazon): Kindle Edition: 1.78 British Pounds; Paperback 12.88 British Pounds USA (Amazon): Kindle Edition: 2.85 US Dollars; Paperback 27 US Dollars.

If you know anyone who could benefit from this book, make sure you share it. You’ll be helping them out and me too! Thanks!


Author: Karin Schroeck-Singh

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