Should Business Cards have your photo? 11 Global Professionals reveal

I wanted to know from several industry experts around the world what their views are with regard to “Should business cards have your photo?” I’m proud to present you what they had to say …..


Sam HurleySam Hurley, #1 Digital Marketing Influencer of the world, Director, Growth Hacker, UK

Should business cards have your photo? – YES – Absolutely! Any collateral should. We live in an ultra-personalised world and those who personalise, win customers again and again. Think about it…if you received two equally sleek business cards from people you met at an event, yet one included a headshot of the owner with a ‘signature’ and direct contact details; who would you remember? I know who I’d feel more obliged to keep in touch with… Personal branding is here and it’s here to stay. It’s not just for those with particular influence either – you can personally brand anything and it instantly provides more credibility. People trust faces! Why? If somebody is willing to put their face to something, the general consensus is: it must be real and respectable.

Sam, needless to say, featuring you in my magazine is always a privilege! Fully agree with your points! Thanks for sharing your views, I never take your precious time for granted! 


rosalinda orpeza Rosalinda Oropeza-Randall, Civility & Etiquette Expert, Speaker, Author

Should business cards have your photo? – YES and NO

Hoping not to appear cheeky, my response is “yes” and “no.”

Some people believe that business cards with headshots are thrown out less often. My rebuttal: Although not tossed out, it has an equally non-productive fate of sitting in a drawer among a sea of other forgotten cards.

I’ve used business cards with and without a headshot; neither brought me more business than the other.

There are industries where using a headshot would be beneficial and complementary. Such as: spa & beauty, realtors, image consultants, pastors, therapists, authors, coaches, and doctors.

If including a headshot is for you, please be sure that the photo portrays you well; happy and confident. Additionally, it must be current (under 5 years, preferably 3). And finally, although popular, the crossed-armed pose can look theatrical—worse, would be holding a phone to your ear.

Whatever you decide, be sure the card is unsoiled and unwrinkled.

Rosalinda, I’m so glad and excited to be connected to you! Thanks for sharing your opinion and providing my audience at the same time also with some important business card etiquette tips. Great! 



ollieOllie Whitfield, Content and Community Manager, UK

Should business cards have your photo? – YES – I would say there is one obvious reason why they should be included. People remember faces or names. Luckily for me I have a name not many other people have, but there are a lot of Adam Smith’s in the world.
People remember faces and if your headshot being placed neatly on the corner of your business card helps you get a response on an email, generates a phone call or generates a referral to a lead it could have been worth doing.
The other way of looking at it is, what damage can it do? There seems to be a competition to have the most creative business card, but I’m more interested in effectiveness. Style AND substance.

Ollie, thanks for getting in touch and sharing your personal opinion. Brilliant! Really looking forward to further opportunities of collaboration! 



qasim masjidQasim “Cas” Majid, CEO of The Wow Zone, UK 

Should business cards have your photo? – YES and NO – Having a picture on a business card would depend on the individual person or the business itself. If the individual is the brand, then it will be extremely beneficial to have your picture on your business card as it will make you memorable and stand out from the crowd, e.g. a children’s entertainer.

On the other hand, if you are a large company recruiting staff regularly it’s not very practical. It would require constantly changing business cards which would be an unnecessarily expensive and time consuming exercise.
What is vitally important in this day and age is that you have your social media URLs on your business card for “social proof.” With the advent of Google and Linkedin, images of individuals are readily available anyway, so it wouldn’t be too much of an arduous task if an individual did want to put a name to a face.

Qasim, without the TV series “The Job Interview” I might have never stumbled upon you! Fully agree with the inclusion of URLs in a person’s business card. Thank you very much for your very quick reply and for sharing your views, I appreciate! 



how to stand out in a job interviewJoel L.Villar, CPA, USA

Should business cards have your photo? – It depends. – This is a question that comes up a lot and it all depends on what industry you’re in and, more importantly, how you plan to create leads for your business and ultimately earn sales. The sales process for some industries, such as real estate, can require a ton of customer interaction and follow-up even before the client agrees to work with you – and even more so after. If your sales process is like what I described, it would be a good idea to put a professional headshot on your business card.
In other industries, such as in the online retailer or tech space, it may not be as important because the sales process isn’t quite as interactive with potential clients.
As long as your picture looks professional it doesn’t hurt to have it. The question is does it help. There are many benefits to having it:
  • It shows there is a human behind the corporate logo. This sounds elementary but the truth is people want to do business with a person who is empathetic to their pain points, not a corporate robot.
  • A good picture will make you seem more approachable. The old saying “smile with your eyes” holds true here. Nobody likes cold calling, so the right headshot may encourage people to reach out by conveying a sense of friendliness.
  • A picture could make your business card more memorable. There is much more to this point than just having a headshot in the corner of your business card (ie. color balance, design quality, logo positioning, etc.) but including your picture could make you more memorable, especially if you had a positive interaction with the potential client.
Just to reiterate; this works best in industries where the sales process involves a lot of client interaction. If you’re not in one of these industries then deciding whether or not to include your photo may be as productive as deciding which color resume paper to print your resume on (hint: it does’t matter 🙂 ).

Joel, great to know that whatever survey I’m conducting for Career Heads I can rely on your input! I always appreciate your detailed insights and advice. Thanks one more time!  



Nancy KatyalNancy Katyal, Image Consultant, India

Should business cards have your photo? – NO – There are two reasons why I personally wouldn’t like to put my photo on a business card (though I have nothing against people who put their head shot photo – as I do agree it might be helping people – specially for a better recall value). However, I believe :

1) Based on your photograph – people can perceive about your age and experience (if you look young in the picture however in actual you may be experienced) that can hamper your opportunity of getting that deal.

2) I also believe that not having a picture on a business card though is a traditional approach. However, if my business card is designed well, it would definitely create an opportunity for me. But if they don’t like my picture it could be a deciding factor to not approach me in the first place.

I would rather have a well designed logo, with a catch line that is strategically designed and can help in generating curiosity in the mind of the client.

sukhjit singhSukhjit Singh, Career Strategist, Settlement & Integration, Canada

Should business cards have your photo? – It depends. – Well, it all depends. In Canada, most of those who work in the financial sector (banking, mortgage etc.) and real estate professionals have photos on their business cards. Personally, I don’t use it on my business card. I have my name, professional designations, contact information (LinkedIn, Twitter, Website) on my business card.




Sukhijt, for this survey I definitely wanted to feature also a Sikh professional. You were the first that came to my mind! Thanks for sharing your views, I appreciate.



Reginald JacksonReginald Jackson, Founder and Managing Partner of Joyful Satisfaction Coaching, USA

Should business cards have your photo? – NO – Your business card is one of many ways to make and leave an impression. It’s another marketing tool, and every tool has a purpose. Your card should capture someone’s attention about what your business can do for them. What information to include on your business card is another topic up for debate. The one thing I believe you don’t need on your card is your picture. That’s not to say it can’t be done, but the real question is why should you? Let’s face it, there’s not much real estate to take advantage of so you want to make the best use of it. Social media is a much better place for your image, and you have far more flexibility. Today, business cards often have an expiration date. They’re used to collect information, then often times discarded or stowed away. Let them remember meeting YOU, not your card.


Reginald, thank you very much for taking the time to share your views on this topic. Would be great to include you also in the future. 



Vikram Kamboj business cardVikram Kamboj: Co-Founder and Editor of The Sports Mirror, India

Should business cards have your photo? – YES – A business card is your first impression, it’s a part of your brand.  It should help you get noticed and be remembered. They should be used for differentiating yourself and your business, and communicating your message. A good card can help you stand out, but a bad card can steer potential customers away from you.

Nothing adds personality and memorability to business cards like a headshot photo.

When you have your headshot on your card, people get an additional chance to meet you. The more that people connect with you, the more they are going to associate your name with your face, and your face with your business.

If you include your headshot, you may appear more approachable and trustworthy. People want to do business with people they like and trust.

According to me, having a headshot on your business card can be a good idea; photos make it easier for people to remember you, and they may keep your business card around longer.

Vikram, thanks for sharing your thoughts with my audience. I appreciate your quick reply. Great to get your views also on non-sports related matters. 



Karin Schroeck-SinghKarin Schroeck-Singh:
Founder and Content Manager of, UK

Should business cards have your photo?YES – I love doing things differently and love it when people take a similar approach. Would I put a photo on my business card? Yes, because it would make me instantly more memorable. If I’m attending a conference, come back home with 50 business cards, how many peoples’ faces would I really be able to remember? I’m not saying that a business card with a photo is the most creative approach, however people would remember me more easily and most probably ALSO the conversation that I held with them. But I would also understand those people who decide not to put their photo on a business card, for example, due to a lack of confidence, dissatisfaction with their appearance or simply fear of misuse of the picture. Last but not least, a bonus tip: Always distribute 2 business cards each time you meet someone. One for the other person to keep and one to forward in case they know someone who could also benefit from your services/products. Something that I learnt when I was writing my MBA disssertation on “Recommendation Marketing”. 

If I look through my collection of business cards there is only one person who used the opportunity to stand  out with her photo. It’s Jane Jackson …….


Jane JacksonJane Jackson, Career Coach, Australia

YES – I say YES to photos on business cards only if appropriate for the role you are in. For businesses where it will be helpful for you to be easily recognized then definitely yes. For roles such as media personalities, real estate agents and consultants a photo is a useful addition to your business card.


Jane, thanks for sharing your views! Your card came in very handy before I even knew that I might talk about this topic on my website. 


What is your personal opinion on this topic “Should Business Cards have your photo?” My readers would love to hear your opinion too! 

If you know someone who could also benefit from this article please feel free to share it. Comments and votes are highly appreciated. It just takes a few clicks and means a lot to me. Thanks!


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