body language

Body Language: What it can reveal during a job interview

I never heard of a job candidate who got a job just because of applying good body language, also referred to as “non-verbal communication”, but it can definitely increase a person’s chances of projecting a professional and confident image. In an interview, your body language will unconsciously help to guide the interviewer in assessing your Read more about Body Language: What it can reveal during a job interview[…]

the dos and don'ts of handshakes

The Handshake: to give or not to give?

What makes the perfect handshake in your opinion?

Well, let me tell you what you should consider:

First of all, make eye contact with the person you want to shake hands with. There are people who feel uncomfortable when looking in other people’s eyes. In that case, I would recommend the following tactic: try to look between the person’s eyebrows.


reasons why you don't get the job interview

30 Reasons why you don’t get the job interview

Many job seekers approach me with the same dilemma. “I’m sending out lots of applications, why do I never get a response from the Hiring Manager/recruiter?” In this article I would like to dig deeper and provide a list of 30 possible reasons why you don’t get the  job interview. Usually job seekers are supposed Read more about 30 Reasons why you don’t get the job interview[…]

reasons why you didn't get the job

30 Reasons why you don’t get the job

Are you one of those people who keep on getting invitations to job interviews but for some reason never get the job offered? This is a dilemma that many job seekers experience and recently a job seeker that I know faced the same situation. This article is dedicated to every job candidate who might be Read more about 30 Reasons why you don’t get the job[…]

things to do when you lose your job

6 Things to do when you lose your job

Are you one of those people who lost their jobs recently? Or are you worried that you might soon lose your job due to the fact that your company is struggling financially? I would like to share 6 things to do when you lose your job.   6 Things to do when you lose your Read more about 6 Things to do when you lose your job[…]

jobseekers need a personal website

Do jobseekers need a personal website? 7 Professionals reveal

Times have gone in which jobseekers have only a CV on paper to show off their skills, experiences, qualifications, education, achievements, hobbies, networks etc. Many smart professionals nowadays embrace the power of personal branding, social media and the opportunity to have their own website. The question is: Have we reached a level in which jobseekers Read more about Do jobseekers need a personal website? 7 Professionals reveal[…]

tell me about yourself

Tell me about yourself – A Job Interview Coach’s advice

Recently I asked Jonathan Burston, Job Interview Coach at, what advice he would give to job seekers who are being asked the question Tell me about yourself during an interview.   Tell me about yourself!  This is the advice he would like to share with my audience. The question “Tell me about yourself” is one Read more about Tell me about yourself – A Job Interview Coach’s advice[…]

How to stand out in a job interview

How to stand out in a job interview: 10 Global Experts reveal

Let’s be honest, when going for a job interview it is taken for granted that candidates turn up on time, that they are polite and prepared. There is nothing special about it. Most probably, you have already heard multiple times “You need to stand out from the crowd!” But let’s get more specific, how can Read more about How to stand out in a job interview: 10 Global Experts reveal[…]

how to know if an interview went well

How to know if an interview went well: 10 Signs

How to know if an interview went well: 10 Signs  After weeks applying for positions with top companies – the moment you have been waiting for arrives. Success! Human resources have invited you to a face-to-face interview. Congratulations – you have made it past the first hurdle on your journey to the position of your Read more about How to know if an interview went well: 10 Signs[…]

Jonathan Burston

Jonathan Burston: Interview with a Job Interview Coach

Jonathan Burston is the founder of Interview Expert Academy. He helps individuals stand out at interviews to get the job they really want. He has spent the last 20 years in senior, sales, marketing and operation roles in organisations from small to large. He’s been interviewed many times and interviewed well over a thousand candidates. Read more about Jonathan Burston: Interview with a Job Interview Coach[…]

how to spot a pro-active candidate

How to spot a pro-active candidate during an interview

Recently I asked HR Expert Bishwabandita Guru the following question “How do you spot a pro-active candidate, someone who is a self-starter and takes initiative?  This is what she had to say with regard to how to spot a pr0-active candidate during a job interview. How to spot a pro-active candidate   It is imperative for Read more about How to spot a pro-active candidate during an interview[…]

moving abroad made easy

Moving abroad the easy way: 9 Things to consider

When I was in my early twenties I always envied those people who had the opportunity to gain international work experiences. I felt like Arnold Schwarzenegger, living in a little place (for him it was Austria, for me it was Northern Italy) with this desire to explore the big world. Little did I know that Read more about Moving abroad the easy way: 9 Things to consider[…]

44 tips for a successful video interview

44 Tips for a successful video interview: My eBook

You might know how to prepare for a face to face interview, but do you also know how to cope in a video interview in which many other important (technical) aspects need to be taken into consideration? 44 Tips for a successful video interview has been written since there are almost no books available on Read more about 44 Tips for a successful video interview: My eBook[…]

attending a train the trainer etiquette course

Attending a Train the Trainer Etiquette Course: Viki Keshishyan reveals

Viki Keshyshyan is a course graduate from the Etiquette and Leadership Institute ( She is the Founder and CEO of Universal Etiquette ( In this interview she will share her experience in attending a Train the Trainer etiquette course at the Etiquette and Leadership Institute.             Karin Schroeck-Singh: What was Read more about Attending a Train the Trainer Etiquette Course: Viki Keshishyan reveals[…]

no online presence

No online presence, no job interview? 11 Insiders reveal

No online presence, no job interview? How much does it nowadays really matter – for career purposes – to have an online presence? Being invisible online, does it mean that your chances of getting interviews and promotions are drastically reduced? I conducted a survey among 11 Insiders (via personal network and Quora) and asked them Read more about No online presence, no job interview? 11 Insiders reveal[…]

4 experts

Become an Etiquette Trainer: 4 Experts share first experiences

Do you want to become an Etiquette Trainer? Don’t miss this opportunity to find out what 4 Etiquette Professionals from Canada, USA, Germany and the UK have to say about their first experience when they started to work in the etiquette industry. Become an Etiquette Trainer: 4 Experts share their first experiences  Become an Etiquette Read more about Become an Etiquette Trainer: 4 Experts share first experiences[…]

soozy p. miller

Interview with CV Writer Soozy G. Miller

soozy miller
What does it feel like to work as a professional CV writer? I’m delighted to interview Soozy G. Miller and find out more about her job and her experiences. Soozy G. Miller collaborates with private clients at all levels of skill to write and re-write CVs to help them self-market and promote their personal brand with focused, clear content. Soozy guides clients to better resumes, cover letters, thank you letters, follow up letters, LinkedIn profiles, and other social media profiles. She provides paper resumes and works with entrepreneur James Gregware to create interactive material (


top tips for creating an impressive video resume

30 Top Tips for creating an impressive Video Resume

video resumeIn this article I would like to share 30 top tips for creating an impressive video resume. Let’s be honest, if I would have to hire someone, I would ask potential new hires to submit a video resume (as a replacement for the cover letter), apart from a resume on paper. If I don’t like what I see in that  video resume, good bye! I would not invest any more time in looking at the person’s resume, no matter how well qualified they are.

Are you wondering why I would choose that approach? Let me tell you: The first benefit would be that I would only deal with candidates who are seriously interested in that particular position. These jobseekers are those, who are prepared to make an additional effort to create a video (or even to ask someone for technical help in getting it very professionally done ,if they can’t do it themselves!). Let’s be honest, most of the candidates at that stage would already turn to other job offers instead and submit their CVs and cover letters electronically and be done with it! So, by inviting candidates to submit video resumes, I would be able to deal with only those jobseekers that are prepared to go the extra mile. Secondly, I would already get an understanding of the way a person communicates, behaves and presents themselves by watching the video before I meet them eventually in person. Thirdly, if the position that I’m trying to fill is marketing related or requires creative skills, I would already get an idea of their skills level.


you will be Googled

You will be Googled: love it or hate it!

Love it or hate it, but if people want to find out information about you, it’s not going to be difficult nowadays thanks to the internet. A complete stranger can basically get to know you in more detail without you ever finding out! How does that sound? Scary? You will be googled, no doubt! BUT Read more about You will be Googled: love it or hate it![…]

you are hired

You are hired: 10 Creative Ideas you never thought of

Think back at your own career. How did previous employers tell you “You are hired”? I personally had lots of different jobs in my career. I must say that in 70 % of cases I got the good news of “You are hired!” via letter, 10 % over the phone and 20 % straight after Read more about You are hired: 10 Creative Ideas you never thought of[…]

working from home scams

Working from home scams: 8 Signs on how to spot them

work from home careerheadsDid you know that an estimated 300,000 people a year in the UK alone fall victim to working from home scams? The number continues to grow as more and more desperate individuals seeking quick money-making solutions throw cash at scam companies.

For stay-at-home parents, retired senior citizens, students, low income families, unemployed people etc. working from home job offers in the print media or online may appear like the perfect solution to make some extra money. Be very careful because most of these working from home offers are designed to make money from other people.

There are some legitimate jobs out there, but be vigilant when you read about “Working from home jobs”. Most of the time they are fraudulent operations and hidden working from home scams instead.


video game developer

Video Game Developer: 25 Crucial Interview Questions

hiring a video game developerIt’s surely not enough to just LOVE playing video games in order to work in the professional video games industry. However, being enthusiastic about video games can surely make the job in this specific industry more enjoyable.

So you want to be a Video Game Developer? There are different job roles from which you can choose. If you want to be a designer, you will decide on what a video game should look like and how it plays (by coming up with your own creative idea or work from an already existing idea). Or do you want to be the artist, who creates all the visual characters, scenery and objects of the game by producing storyboards at the planning stage? You might also consider being the animator, the person who basically brings the characters, scenery and objects to life with computer modelling and animation software. However, if you love coding then the job as a stage programmer, who is responsible for all the coding to make sure the game works, might be the most suitable option.


Lunch job interview test

The Lunch Job Interview Test: How Recruiters might test you

Lunch InterviewHave you ever been in a situation in which you had two brilliant candidates for a job but really didn’t know who to hire? Why not taking them out for lunch and see how they interact with you and other people in a different social environment? I used this strategy quite often in my recruitment career. In hindsight, I must say that applying the lunch job interview test, very often really helped me to make the right hiring decision. This experience will reveal a lot more from a candidate. You will get a much better understanding of their personality and know whether this is really the person you want to hire or recommend to a client.

This article would be basically beneficial for both parties, the recruiter and the job candidate. The recruiter will get an idea how to approach the lunch job interview test, while candidates get a better understanding of the mistakes that they should possibly avoid during this lunch job interview test.


Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment Consultant, are you ready for these 10 scenarios?

CareerHeadsImagine… you are applying for a job as a Recruitment Consultant. One of the job requirements are that you are tenacious, persevere and demonstrate a positive attitude at all times. Why do you think would that be required? Well, you might face different situations – some or all of them – which might come up unexpectedly and maybe in the last minute. Let me give you a better understanding of various scenarios that you might face in your job as a

Recruitment Consultant

# 1 – You find a client, but no suitable candidates.

# 2 – You find an excellent candidate, but can’t find a suitable hiring company.

# 3 – You have a client and a good candidate, but the candidate doesn’t turn up for the interview.

# 4 – You have a client, but he tells you in the last minute that he already found someone else (while you were about to present him your best shortlisted candidates).


job search via social media

Job Search via Social Media: 45 Smart Tips to succeed

socialJobSearch[1]If you would need to look for a new job, how would you do it? The traditional way? Reading newspaper job ads, looking at online job boards, sending speculative job applications? Well, there is one approach that you might not have thought about yet, the job search via social media!

We all know it, Social Media can be a great tool for promotional, recruitment, learning and social purposes. Modern jobseekers nowadays have started conducting their job search via social media. Let’s not forget that 92 % of companies use social media for recruitment purposes, and 3 out of 4 HR Managers will check on a candidate’s social profile.

It would be a smart move to use social media as a tool to shine in the online world, whenever a Hiring Manager or recruiter is looking for you. By posting positive, informative and useful content online you will attract some attention, and not be one of those who will land on the pile of rejected candidates based on their inappropriate content that they published.

Recently someone asked me ‘How can I find a job via social media?’ I would like to use this dilemma to share 45 smart and effective ways on how to make your job hunt through social media more effective. It would be a wise decision to create a plan for your job hunt in which you write down the steps that you are going to take on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Get started and stick to your plan!


profile picture what it really says about you

Your Profile Picture: 20 Tips on what to avoid

 blondlastAre you one of those people who think it doesn’t really matter what profile picture you display on your social media accounts? Well, for many people your profile picture is the first thing that they will notice about you. What impression do you really want to leave? Your picture (and your bio) will have an impact on whether people are prepared to follow you, comment on your posts, retweet you, eventually hire you, or to connect with you.

Did you know that according to a study conducted by Belgium’s Ghent University, the candidate with the most favourable Facebook profile picture received roughly 21 % more positive feedbacks in comparison with other job candidates with their less favourable profile picture? The chances of being immediately invited to a job interview also increased to almost 40 %. These differences make clear that employers do screen their candidates via Facebook.  

When I’m reviewing people’s online presence I’m still surprised to see a very small number of good profile pictures. You would think it’s something that common sense tells you, but apparently it’s not. I’m not even talking about the technical quality and sharpness of a picture but generally the way people choose to present themselves online.  



become an Etiquette Consultant

Become an Etiquette Consultant: Career Advice from 12 Experts