Mirko Udovich

Mirko Udovich: Interview mit einem Personalberater

  Mirko Udovich ist Gründer (1989) und seither geschäftsführender Gesellschafter von Staff & Line Personnel Management. Er studierte an den Universitäten Padua und Verona Psychologie und Pädagogik. Während des Studiums und auch später unterrichtete er an Mittelschulen in Südtirol literarische Fächer, dann führte seine berufliche Station in einen internationalen Industriekonzern. Durch seine Job-Rotation konnte er Read more about Mirko Udovich: Interview mit einem Personalberater[…]

rejection letters

Rejection letters: Why Recruiters must write them!

Imagine … you applied for a job ten days ago. You know that you invested a lot of time to write a tailor-made cover letter, you customised your CV for a certain position and two weeks went by and nothing happened. You wonder whether you will ever get a phone call, a letter in the Read more about Rejection letters: Why Recruiters must write them![…]

body language

Body Language: What it can reveal during a job interview

I never heard of a job candidate who got a job just because of applying good body language, also referred to as “non-verbal communication”, but it can definitely increase a person’s chances of projecting a professional and confident image. In an interview, your body language will unconsciously help to guide the interviewer in assessing your Read more about Body Language: What it can reveal during a job interview[…]

what annoys job candidates

What annoys job candidates the most?

Companies often get hundreds or even thousands of job applications for every job vacancy they are trying to fill. Recruiters would have a very tough job to keep up with all the applications to not create any disappointing experiences throughout the process. How frustrated can job candidates really get?     So, what are all Read more about What annoys job candidates the most?[…]

hiring an etiquette consultant

Hiring an Etiquette Consultant: 10 Things you must consider

“What is the single most important thing for a person to know when hiring an etiquette/image coach?” was the question that Walethia Aquil, CEO at GraceandCharm, asked me in an interview in 2010. When it comes to hiring an Etiquette Consultant many people would say “An etiquette certification from a reputable institution”. However, I personally would Read more about Hiring an Etiquette Consultant: 10 Things you must consider[…]

hiring a social media manager

Hiring a Social Media Manager: In-house or outsourced?

Are you one of those companies who are looking for a Social Media Manager? Are you not sure whether this job should be done by someone in-house or whether it would be worthwhile to outsource it? Ollie Whitfield compares the advantages and disadvantages of both options when it comes to hiring a social media manager. Read more about Hiring a Social Media Manager: In-house or outsourced?[…]

managing millennials

Managing Millennials – Everything you need to know as their boss

Managing Millennials – Everything You Need to Know as Their Boss  In the past, career trajectory followed a well-worn path, looking a little something like this: Young person finishes university, gets first job, stays at company for entire career slowing ascending corporate ladder. Times have certainly changed. Millennials – the newest kids on the employment Read more about Managing Millennials – Everything you need to know as their boss[…]

video game developer

Video Game Developer: 25 Crucial Interview Questions

hiring a video game developerIt’s surely not enough to just LOVE playing video games in order to work in the professional video games industry. However, being enthusiastic about video games can surely make the job in this specific industry more enjoyable.

So you want to be a Video Game Developer? There are different job roles from which you can choose. If you want to be a designer, you will decide on what a video game should look like and how it plays (by coming up with your own creative idea or work from an already existing idea). Or do you want to be the artist, who creates all the visual characters, scenery and objects of the game by producing storyboards at the planning stage? You might also consider being the animator, the person who basically brings the characters, scenery and objects to life with computer modelling and animation software. However, if you love coding then the job as a stage programmer, who is responsible for all the coding to make sure the game works, might be the most suitable option.


hiring a public speaker

Hiring a Public Speaker: 10 Questions to ask yourself!

Hiring a Public Speaker 2Imagine … you have an important event and you need to look for the right speaker. You are thinking of that special person, who can create powerful connections with the audience and who leaves a long-lasting impression. The person who makes your company and sponsor look good, and where participants will be genuinely thanking you for this opportunity. This is the speaker, who is able to make their participants leave the event with fresh ideas, increased motivation and at the same time having been entertained, informed and challenged.

You know that hiring a public speaker – the right speaker! –  is crucial, it can break or make your event. But where should you start? Bear in mind that there are two different types of public speakers: those who work through a Speaking Bureau and those who you can hire directly. No matter who you choose, make sure you take your time and do your research thoroughly. These are 10 things that will help you in the process of hiring the right public speaker for your next event.


Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment Consultant, are you ready for these 10 scenarios?

CareerHeadsImagine… you are applying for a job as a Recruitment Consultant. One of the job requirements are that you are tenacious, persevere and demonstrate a positive attitude at all times. Why do you think would that be required? Well, you might face different situations – some or all of them – which might come up unexpectedly and maybe in the last minute. Let me give you a better understanding of various scenarios that you might face in your job as a

Recruitment Consultant

# 1 – You find a client, but no suitable candidates.

# 2 – You find an excellent candidate, but can’t find a suitable hiring company.

# 3 – You have a client and a good candidate, but the candidate doesn’t turn up for the interview.

# 4 – You have a client, but he tells you in the last minute that he already found someone else (while you were about to present him your best shortlisted candidates).