Don’t burp in the boardroom: 11 Things I love about this book

Don't burp in the boardroomRosalinda Oropeza Randall is a modern-day pundit on tact and civility. For more than 16 years she has been successfully improving workplace environments and relationships with her insightful and enthusiastic advice. She has been featured in Forbes, Woman’s Day, YahooShine, Small Biz Technology, MetroWest Daily News, Winter Bride 2013, Ser Padres and other publications. She was born and raised in Southern California, lives now in Northern California with her husband Christopher and is a proud mother of 4 children. You can follow her on Twitter @Rosalindatweets and visit her websites at and In this article I would like to highlight the 11 things that I love about her book “Don’t burp in the boardroom”.


“Don’t burp in the boardroom”

11 Things I love about this book


# 1 – The title.

I find the title “Don’t burp in the boardroom” as original, intriguing, memorable and different in comparison to other etiquette books where book authors strongly believe they need to include the word “etiquette” in it. When I showed the cover to my daughter, I could see how difficult it was not to laugh at it. And you might not believe it, but the very few times that it happens at home that someone burps, guess what happens? We look at each other and say “Don’t burp in the boardroom” J.


# 2 – The design (inside).

The first thing that I do when I find an interesting title of a book is to have a look inside and browse through the pages. When I spot pictures, images or cartoons then I feel much more inspired to read/buy the book. I love the design and layout that the book “Don’t burp in the boardroom” has.  It doesn’t just include some funny cartoons or pictures, but makes it very clear by looking at the border of the pages (marked in black ink) how long each chapter is and how many different chapters there are. The 12 little distinctive icons that each page has on the left and right side make it visually much more appealing while reading.


# 3 – The number of dilemmas.

I counted them! There are 66 dilemmas in total. Wow! That’s a lot. You will find a variety of common and uncommon dilemmas for very different situations in every single chapter. You can spot these dilemmas by looking at those parts that say “From the Audience”, followed by the book author’s suggestions on how to overcome certain issues.


don't burp in the boardroom# 4 – The dilemmas’ solutions.

When a dilemma is presented then Rosalinda Randall doesn’t just give you one ideal solution to it, but lots of options on how you can face and solve the issue with tact and civility. This is something I particularly appreciated in this book. Let’s say there is a colleague in your office who has body odour. In this case, Mrs Randall has lots of suggestions on how this issue can be solved. You will find great advice from which you can choose the most suitable for your own very specific situation.


# 5 – The summary after each chapter.

If “Don’t burp in the boardroom” is your first book on etiquette that you ever read , it might be tricky to remember all these tips and advice that this book provides you with. However, the summary that each chapter provides at the end is great. It allows the reader to easily remember the most essential lessons from each chapter. Many great books include a recap at the end, great to see that also “Don’t burp in the boardroom” has thought about it!


# 6 – The quiz.

People love taking quizzes and tests. No doubt! They want to know how much they really know about a specific topic. That’s the reason why in you have several opportunities to test your skills for free too (yes, also on etiquette topics!). “Don’t burp in the boardroom” presents a short quiz which focuses on table manners and keeps the reader even more engaged with the topic.


# 7 – The quotes.

Often quotes can convey a message very effectively. The book includes 38 of them. My most favourite quote out of all is this one “If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” By Zig Ziglar.


# 8 – The personal experiences.

I found the section called “Rosalinda gets personal” – which is being highlighted every time in a frame – as very good. Mrs Randall makes effective use of the so called “power of storytelling”. She shares some personal episodes, thoughts and experiences that are relevant, memorable and enrich the book additionally.


# 9 – Some “new” etiquette topics.

Many etiquette books cover very similar topics and it might be difficult to think of topics that nobody else has covered so far. However, I came across some unique topics that I really enjoyed reading about because they were new and interesting also for me (as a former Soft Skills/Etiquette Trainer). For example:

  • “Etiquette rules if your co-worker is an ex-con”. The fact that Mrs Randall gained experience as a Consultant with formerly incarcerated women, would make her stand out among other Etiquette Consultants. I assume that no other etiquette book has ever covered this kind of topic.
  • Trade Show Deportment (a very useful guide for all those who participate in trade and exhibition shows)
  • Out in the field with your boss (how are you supposed to behave with your boss outside the office on various occasions)
  • I caught my boss while ……………. (a highly interesting and sensitive topic, a must read for everyone!)
  • Tattoos: showing or hiding?
  • Dealing with multigenerational coworkers
  • Industry-specific etiquette tips (for health care professionals, customer service staff, doctors and therapists, hairstylists, outside sales staff etc.)
  • Carpooling Etiquette
  • Workplace Cuisine (how to deal with lunch thieves)
  • Pregnancy Etiquette (the do’s and don’ts)
  • Dog Etiquette at the workplace


# 10 – The interview with her mother.

What a brilliant idea Mrs Randall had with regard to the topic of “Re-entering the workplace for women”! She interviewed her own mother who gave a real insight about the struggles that she faced in her own career. Loved it!


don't burp in the boardroom# 11 – The conversational writing style.

I love to read books, blogs and articles that are written in a conversational style. I can’t hide the fact that I also love to take the same approach in my own writing and public speeches. But when I was reading “Don’t burp in the boardroom” I felt as if Mrs Randall would have taken this strategy to a completely new level. When I read this book I felt as if a close friend would talk to me, someone I would personally already know very well and who I can trust and who trusts me. As mentioned earlier – I read many etiquette books in the past – but Mrs Randall is the first Etiquette Professional that I came across who had the guts to tell you in a very straight-forward, direct and bold way how certain behaviours might be really perceived by others. She is not holding back in anything, and tells you how things really are. At the beginning of the book there is a section called “About the book”, here she wrote the following:

“Please note that a sense of humor is required while reading this book. I have no doubt that someone will find something I’ve said offensive, indelicate, or downright wrong! If it’s you I sincerely apologize. It is not my intent to insult anyone. If something offends you, my recommendation to you is to skip to the next part. Thank you.”




How would I rate “Don’t burp in the boardroom”? 

Until now the highest rating that I have ever given in a book review was 10. But “Don’t burp in the boardroom” deserves a 10+. Apart from the fact that this book has everything a great etiquette book should include, it is this straight-forward way of conveying certain lessons that I loved about it. I can imagine that many other Etiquette Consultants would hesitate to take a similar approach, so taking a little bit of risk can often pay off! Well done Mrs Randall!



“If you are a fresh graduate, read this book! If you are already an Expert in etiquette manners, you will realise that there is still something you can learn from it, I promise! If you are the CEO of a company buy this book for each of your employees and make it part of your hiring package (by the way, this idea is mentioned on Mrs Randall’s website, found it absolutely brilliant!). If you are quite etiquette-savvy but still find there is room for improvement – in order to polish your image even more – then buy the book and learn from it! I highly recommend “Don’t burp in the boardroom” to any career-minded person who wants to grow personally and professionally!” Karin Schroeck-Singh


Don’t miss to watch this video in which you can see Mrs Rosalinda Randall in action.





Don't burp in the boardroom Book Title: “Don’t burp in the boardroom – Your Guide to handling uncommonly common workplace dilemmas”

Book Author: Rosalinda Oropeza-Randall

Year of Publication: 2014

ISBN: pISBN: 978-1-939629-35-7, eISBN: 978-1-939629-49-4

Number of pages: 346

Publishing company: Familius LLC

Price: between $ 16.95 –  $ 25.77 (Paperback), $ 8.63 (Kindle edition), $ 0.01 (used & new)

You can buy it from:


Content “Don’t burp in the boardroom”:


Chapter 1: First Impressions

Chapter 2: Hygiene

Chapter 3: Telephone, Social Media, and Electronics

Chapter 4: All Things Boss

Chapter 5: Meetings, Networks and Trade Shows

Chapter 6: Workplace Behaviour: It starts with me

Chapter 7: Coworker Quirks and Dilemmas

Chapter 8: Dining Basics and Workplace Cuisine

Chapter 9: Mainly Male

Chapter 10: Female Focus

Chapter 11: Pupil to Professional: An Overview for Novices

Chapter 12: Uncommonly common dilemmas



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