Dining Etiquette: Free Online Test (100 Questions)

dining etiquetteTaking a new client out for lunch or attending a lunch interview: do you find that experience as uncomfortable, awkward, weird or plain unsettling? Or are you scared that food might get sutck in your teeth, that you spill on yourself, that you use the wrong utensils? Remember that knowing the correct dining etiquette rules and applying them in a way so that they become instinctive, will give you more confidence. You will be able to focus on the conversation rather than wondering whether you are about to commit a dining faux pas or not. For those who have never seen a formal full-course meal, the sight of a formal  place setting can feel quite intimidating. All the silverware and stemware for each course being presented all at once! Knowing therefore when and how to use each piece is of paramount importance. Take this free online test on dining etiquette and find out how polished your table manners really are.

Remember that business lunches can help you to build your business, make you feel better and even increase your sales. But not just that, sharing a meal with someone can also change the relationship you have with that person. You might lose or gain respect for a person based on your dining experience. The way the person behaves in a restaurant, the information the person shares etc. can become very revealing. Robin Jay once wrote in her book (The Art of the Business Lunch) “Sharing a meal with someone is the fastest way to find out what kind of person he or she is – it strips away all veneers and reveals what’s underneath.” Fully agree!


Dining Etiquette: Free Online Test

dining etiquette Take this free online test on dining etiquette (the most exhaustive one you will find on the internet). These are some examples from this free online test:

  • If you need to leave the table during your meal. What are you supposed to do?
  • When is the right time to start eating?
  • If you get food served that you don’t like. How should you react?
  • What are the topics of conversation that you should avoid at a dining table?
  • What is considered as a major buffet blunder?
  • Is it appropriate to dip your bread in your soup?
  • Is it okay to tip the sushi chef?
  • How do you indicate that you save a place for someone?
  • And many more international dining etiquette question








Here are some interesting facts and tips about “Office Dining & Drinking” and “Happy Hour Etiquette” that you should not miss to read. This infographic was kindly provided by  Ghergich & Co. http://www.Ghergich.com and Quill http://www.quill.com


Office dining inforgraphic

Infographic by Quill.com



If you would be interested in testing also your Wine Etiquette Skills, please take a further test of 100 questions here:

Free Online Test: 100 Quiz Questions on Wine Etiquette


If you know someone who could also benefit from this free online test on dining etiquette, feel free to spread the word. I would appreciate it if you could vote how easy or difficult this free online test was for you. Thank you.



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