How to know if an interview went well: 10 Signs

How to know if an interview went well: 10 Signs 

After weeks applying for positions with top companies – the moment you have been waiting for arrives. Success! Human resources have invited you to a face-to-face interview. Congratulations – you have made it past the first hurdle on your journey to the position of your dreams. You can rest assured the company was impressed with your application, qualifications and experience. Now the real work begins – preparing for your interview. After hours spent researching the company, perfecting your ‘tell me about yourself’ pitch and practicing commonly asked questions – the day finally arrives. You carefully choose what you will wear, make sure you arrive with plenty of time, and the interview beings. But are things going well? Does the interviewer like you? And what do your chances of landing the job look like? How to know if an interview went well? These 10 tips will help you determine if the interview is going in your favour:

1) How to know if an interview went well: The Interviewer Chats With You

If the interview turns into a conversation about your hobbies or where you are from, this is a sign things are going well. Engaging in chit-chat means the hiring manager is interested in getting to know you as a person and they think you are a great fit for their company. Expect a second interview or to be offered a contract.

job interview 32) How to know if an interview went well: The interview lasts longer than expected

Hiring managers are busy people, if your interview starts running into overtime, with no sign of ending, you have nailed your interview. When an interview runs longer than planned it means the conversation is going so well and you have so much to talk about that the hiring manager is allowing the interview to exceed its allotted time. It also demonstrates the company and hiring manager are willing to invest time in you.

3) How to know if an interview went well: The Hiring Manager invites you to contact them with follow-up questions

If the hiring manager gives you their card and invites you to call or email with questions after the interview – it is safe to say you have successfully made it over the first interview hurdle. When the hiring manager keeps the lines of communication open after your interview is over it means they are either seriously considering you for the position – or it is already a done deal.

4) How to know if an interview went well: The interviewer shows you around the office before you leave

Getting a tour of the office at the end of your interview means it is highly likely you will be offered the position you have been interviewed for. By introducing you to other staff members and showing you the lay of the office the hiring manager is thinking long term and envisioning you as part of the company in the future.

5) How to know if an interview went well: They ask for your references

If the hiring manager asks for your references in the first or second interview round, you can be sure that the interview is going in your favour. Only candidates who are being seriously considered for the position will be asked to provide their references.

job interview 6) How to know if an interview went well: The Hiring Manager is clearly enjoying themselves

This goes behind simply meeting the hiring manager on a day when they are in a particularly good mood. If you felt you experienced a genuine and authentic connection with the interviewer – chances are you did. Sharing a laugh together or finding out you have particular things in common creates a positive impression of you, and the hiring manager will soon be imaging you as part of the team. Cultural fit within an organisation should not be underestimated. In some cases it is considered as important as anything else, including qualifications and experience.

7) How to know if an interview went well: The interview flows

An extension of chit-chat, if the interview becomes a conversation where questions are being asked back and forth, rather than being one sided, the interview has become a great one.

8) How to know if an interview went well: The interviewer includes you

When the interviewer talks about the position and speaks about ‘you’ carrying out certain tasks and not ‘the successful candidate’ things are looking promising in terms of landing the job.

job interview 9) How to know if an interview went well: You are invited to ask questions

It is standard practice in any interview that the interviewer will invite you to ask any questions you have at the end of the interview. You should use this time as an opportunity to ask three questions which will help you gauge how the interviewer really feels about you as a candidate and potential employee.

  • How do you think I fit with the team?
  • How do my strengths match up with this position?
  • Do you have any concerns?

Asking these questions will provide you with valuable feedback and will give insight into how you are perceived. If the hiring manager has any concerns, you can take the time to talk through them together – elevating them then and there and improving your chances of getting the job.

10) How to know if an interview went well: You are asked when you can start

This point is one for contention. It is true that the question of when you can start can be simply a standard interview question. On the other hand, if it is asked with genuine interest and intention and in the context of real planning, then this question is a sign that you are the successful candidate for the role.

Job interviews can prove a tricky terrain to navigate. Looking out for these signals will give you a better idea of how your interview is going and how seriously the hiring manager is looking at you as a candidate.

Lucy Killip Lucy Killip is an Australian journalist and University of the Sunshine Coast graduate. Lucy is based in Munich, Germany, where she writes articles on business and career related subjects. Previously, she worked as a journalist in Australia for the NewsMail and the Western Star, reporting on topics such as news, business, entertainment and sport. Her interests include blog writing and photography.

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