London Real Academy: 12 Things I love about it

London Real Academy – 12 Things I love about it

I used to watch TEDTalks for years and always found it a great platform that features high-quality speakers with fascinating topics. On the 27 April 2016 I published the following tweet on Twitter.

London Real Academy


















I never thought that I would not be able to stick to my new resolution for a long time. Reason?

London Real entered into my life…. by following me on Twitter and that was end of May 2016. Once I found out what it was all about – and it didn’t take me long to do that! – I was instantly hooked on what Brian Rose, the founder  and host of London Real Academy had to offer. The only thing I felt disappointed about was the fact that I discovered it so late, since London Real Academy was launched in 2011!

I noticed the similarities that London Real Academy had with my online career magazine at The goal of creating value to a global audience by allowing them to learn from high-calibre personalities and getting inspired by them for free. London Real Academy offers interviews in video format which makes it surely very attractive.

London Real Academy Brian Rose


So, I signed up for the free video sessions because I realised that there is a lot of VALUE to be gained in the process. I was genuinely fascinated by the quality and the number (more than 200!) videos that are available to me after signing up by just entering a few details. I felt that I had to share this new discovery on Twitter. That was on the 5th June 2016.

London Real Academy Mark Wright

While doing my research about London Real Academy I stumbled upon Brian’s TED Talk. The title of his speech is truly attention grabbing. “Why I left millions in banking to inspire millions online”. After watching it, I knew that London Real Academy just got one more loyal ambassador among many others! ME, Karin Schroeck-Singh!





Check out Brian Rose’s video here:







Now before I reveal more about the 12 things that I love and appreciate about London Real Academy, let me tell you quickly more about it.


London Real – what is it all about?

London Real is a multi-channel media company based in London with over 250,000 subscribers. Their mission consists in improving the world by sharing stories about high-profile professionals that inspire others to take control of their lives and achieve success in whatever form they wish. Their motto is “People worth watching”. Every week a leading authority is being featured in a long in studio conversation which is broadcast online and on television. Over 50 million views of interviews with real thought leaders across various industries, such as business, fitness, life, spirituality, health etc. have been collected so far.

‘London Real Academy’ is a group of 1000 people around the globe who are members of an elite peer group whose goal is to engineer success in their personal as well as business lives (by paying quarterly tuition, you can find out more about it here: London Real also offers private mentoring courses in Business Acceleration and Public Speaking with graduates on 4 continents and customised services for businesses that are trying to improve their online reputation, their brand and connect with their target group via multimedia. I would like to invite you to visit their website at: and follow them on Twitter @LondonRealTV and @BrianBRose.


12 Things I love about London Real


# 1 – The high-calibre guests.

London Real’s guests have all one thing in common: They are very successful in their particular niche (be it business, sports, politics, entertainment and much more) and their passion of what they are doing shines through every interview. They have interesting (often very surprising!) stories to tell and great advice to give to a global audience. Would you have the opportunity to meet these people in real life and to listen to their stories? I highly doubt! That’s what makes London Real Academy so special in my opinion. It gives everyone with an internet connection the opportunity to learn from these highly interesting personalities who are authorities in their field.


# 2 – Its 24/7 availability.

You can basically watch it whenever you want and wherever you are. Yes, even from your couch at home if you wish. You don’t need to go anywhere, you don’t need to dress up for it, you don’t need to book any appointments, you don’t need to do any research in advance for it, you can just login and watch!

I remember when I was watching the series of “The Apprentice” (US and UK versions) and I always had to wait for a certain day and time in a week in order to enjoy various episodes. In the past I wished I could have watched these episodes on a daily basis. Well, London Real seems to be the perfect solution and alternative. You can watch it 24/7. And if you have never watched an episode until now, you have 200+ episodes that are waiting for you. If you make it to your daily routine to watch one video a day you have content for the next 7 months! Wow!


# 3 – The duration of each episode.

London Real Academy doesn’t provide short 15-20 minute chats, but really long, deep and insightful conversations which can last between 1 and 2,5 hours. If you want to make productive use of your precious time, London Real Academy is worth your investment!


# 4 – The “Learning” Factor

When I’m watching London Real videos I don’t just watch it passively, but actively. How? I take notes of the best lessons that I personally learnt from it. (By the way, when I’m reading books I apply a similar technique, I always underline the most important parts so that I can find them again later on). If I compare London Real Academy with TED Talks I always feel that I learn and get more out of London Real Academy than from TED Talks. From all those London Real Academy episodes that I watched until now, there was not one episode where I felt it was useless or a waste of time. Yes, there were some episodes that provided more value, others a bit less, but there was ALWAYS something to be learnt from it or to get some inspiration from. ALWAYS! I also like the fact that London Real Academy’s focus is not on a particular topic only, but on PEOPLE and their stories. However, once the conversation starts you never know where the journey will take you … you will hear discussions about childhood and upbringing, running a business, struggling with different life issues, current events, plans and predictions for the future and so much more. You will gain insights which you might not find anywhere else?


# 5 – The conversational aspect

Another aspect that I appreciate when watching London Real Academy episodes is that it’s a conversation between a host and a guest. It’s not a one-way delivery of a speech, as you know it from TED Talks. Something else that I noticed is the relationship between Brian Rose and his male/female guests. The atmosphere in these interviews is always positive, friendly, inspiring and personal. It’s not one of those talk shows where guests get harshly confronted with highly provocative questions and they have to defend themselves in order to not “lose face”, as the Chinese would say.


# 6 – The “privileged” feeling

I don’t know how others feel when they are watching these interviews on London Real Academy but for me it’s like getting a glimpse into the host’s living room. It feels as if I would not be looking at a screen in order to watch the episode, but as if I would be the third person sitting in that same room. Having the privilege to watch and listen to a private conversation between two reputable people who know and trust each other. Yes, that’s how it makes me feel. In comparison, how do I feel when watching a TED Talk? Like an ordinary visitor among many others, looking up at someone speaking from the stage. I really like the current set up of London Real’s talk show room, which was not the same since they started.


# 7 – The inspiration that you get from it 

When you listen to these thought leaders when they share their personal stories, struggles and successes, you get to see a side of their personality that might often surprise you. Viewers can often relate to them very easily when they show that, no matter how famous or popular these key people of influence may appear, they are also just human beings like them. Getting to know what issues they had and how they were able to overcome obstacles throughout their lives, can be very inspirational and motivational for many viewers. You might even start looking at certain things in your life in a very different way after listening to some of London Real Academy’s guest speakers.


Let me give you an example on how one London Real Academy episode (to be precise, the interview with Mimi Ikonn from Luxyhair) made me change my view with regard to my own accent.

Mimi Ikonn highlighted in her interview the fact that if you don’t have a native accent (of whatever language, e.g. English/American) you should not feel odd about it but instead start loving it. Why? Because it makes you unique and different! You would basically not just blend in with everyone else, you would stand out.

Well, I can’t hide my Austrian/German accent (even though I’m actually Italian), no matter how hard I try. Once I was seriously considering of approaching an Accent Trainer in order to get rid of my native accent. I love giving public speeches, but if I could change something about myself it would be my voice and my accent. In the past, I always wanted to sound like an American or British English speaker and I felt no money in the world would help me to achieve this goal. And I was also sceptical about the fact that an Accent Trainer would suddenly be able to do the magic for me and make my English sound more authentic. After listening to Mimi’s statement I must admit that she was actually right. Suddenly, I started feeling proud of my accent rather than feeling embarrassed about it. Should I ever get doubts about it again, I will remind myself of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his very distinctive accent and how far he got in his career! I realised my problem was solved! Thanks Mimi, thanks Brian!

Watch this very special and enriching interview with Mimi Ikonn.



# 8 – It’s free.

I know that in the past (I’m talking about the 80s, 90s and following years) you would have had to buy tapes, CDs or DVDs and spend lots of money in order to listen to these kind of interviews in which highly successful people share their success stories and secrets. NOW you have the chance to watch this for free! That’s amazing and I hope this opportunity will always be there.


# 9 – The engagement with its members

London Real members are also being given the opportunity to suggest guest speakers – considering certain criteria – that they would like to see on the show. But not just that, if you have a highly interesting question that you would love to see Brian Rose ask the guest speaker, you might be lucky that they select it and ask it during the interview. As you can see London Real is not just an ordinary talk show but one that empowers also its audience to have a say. Brilliant! By the way, if you would submit a great question, would you not be curious to see whether it has been selected for the live interview? Honestly, how many shows do you know that take a similar approach?


# 10 – The guest speakers’ personality

I also noticed that you will get to know these guest speakers in a more personal and intimate way. You will find many open discussions and honest conversations about several topics, especially with regard to their personal experiences. Sometimes people repeatedly emphasised the fact that after watching some videos they look at some of these thought leaders with different eyes because they got to see and know the person from a different perspective.


# 11 – Becoming a better interviewer for

In my career magazine ( I’m also interviewing global experts who share their experiences and give advice about their respective profession. I must say that listening to the host, Brian Rose, also gave me some additional inspiration in order to come up with some additional really valuable interview questions for my featured personalities.


# 12 – The “gift” feeling.

For me watching a London Real Academy video feels always like receiving a gift. Once you click the view button, the “unwrapping of the gift” starts and what follows are little gems. I always look forward to the next episode and sometimes I wished (sorry Dan Pena for the “I wished” … I know how much you hate people saying these words!) I would not need any sleep at night, so that I would be able to watch 4 more London Real Academy episodes in a day!

I feel really excited about London Real because every time I think to myself …

Wow, let’s see what I’m going to learn today….

Let’s see how much more I get inspired today…

Let’s see what interesting questions Brian is going to come up today…. I realised that the more I’m watching his videos (on London Real or on YouTube) the more I get this feeling as if I would know him since years. 


Brian, you are doing an outstanding job! Absolutely Love it! 


Now that I told you what I appreciate in London Real Academy, I would also like to share what others have to say about London Real in their own words.


What others are saying about London Real Academy

After watching several London Real episodes I was curious to find out what comments other people posted on London Real’s website. People give lots of positive feedback, many of them keep it general but there are also those that specify in more detail the changes they are going to make after watching London Real’s episodes. I love reading about that, because that shows the effectiveness of this video talk show! So, how do other members perceive London Real Academy’s show? I created a short (not exhaustive) summary. If there is anything you would like to add, please feel free to add it in the comment section at the end of the article. Thanks a lot!


58 Ways to describe London Real Academy 





very authentic,


very cool,


very relatable,









very intense,






freaking great,








extremely useful,


a treat to watch,




so many pearls of wisdom,




most profound,

spot on,

pretty epic,

a privilege,



worthy of repeat listening,


thought provoking,

time well spent,








a real gem.

Do I still need to convince you to check out and sign up on London Real Academy? If yes, then read this:

Forget watching horror movies!

Forget listening to the negative News which bombard us on a daily basis (ask yourself: What do you really get out of those, seriously!!!)!

Forget watching comedy shows that might add little value to your life!

Forget spending time with people who don’t really matter in your life!

INSTEAD do something more meaningful, use the time to learn something useful and get inspired by others.

Learn on how you might achieve your goals quicker by listening to those people who have done it, seen it and achieved it in their lives. If they can do it, so can you!

If you hear people telling you “Surround yourself with positive, successful people and you will also become one!” but you feel anxious, inferior or less confident in looking for influential people to mingle with, then watch this show! It allows you to get to know and learn from interesting, successful personalities “indirectly”, as mentioned earlier for free and without any hassle!

And who knows, maybe after watching lots of London Real Academy’s video interviews you get so inspired and motivated by it, that you are keen on getting out there and “just do it” (whatever your deepest dream is)!

What you need to ask yourself is: What is YOUR personal most suitable time to watch it when your attention span is still high? Is it in the morning hours before going to work, during lunch time (if you have a longer break), before going to sleep, during the weekends or simply spread throughout the day?

I promise, you will get much more value from watching London Real Academy’s episodes, than doing other distracting, irrelevant things in your life. Remember, your time is limited in this world. Make the best use of it! And if you love it, tell your friends online and offline about it, too! They might be grateful to you, too. Or why not watching it together with your friends and having an interesting discussion afterwards too?

Enjoy, learn, apply!


I would appreciate it if you could leave a comment and vote for the usefulness of this article. If you know anyone who could benefit from this article too, make sure you share it. You’ll be helping them out and me too! Thanks!


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Author: Karin Schroeck-Singh

Karin Schroeck-Singh is a trilingual Career Optimizer at She has an MBA from the University of Leicester (UK) and gained 20 years of international work experience in various industries in Italy, the UK and India. Her passion lies in creating multilingual, high-quality content in career matters, giving highly engaging public speeches and helping job seekers to optimize their career by providing professional coaching. She is the author of several ebooks, among them “44 Tips for a successful Video Interview” ( She has written several career and business articles for international HR and Marketing companies. Her favourite motto is “Learn from anyone, anywhere, anytime!” Follow her on Twitter @CareerHeads.

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