Maximize your Social by Neal Schaffer: 10 Things I love about it

maximize your social by neal schaffer Find out what the 10 things are that I love about the book Maximise your Social by Neal Schaffer.

Neal Schaffer, named a Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer two years in a row, is the creator of Advertising Age’s Top 100 Global Marketing Blog, Windmill Networking (rebranded as Maximize Social Business), and a global speaker on social media who also teaches as part of Rutgers University’s Mini-MBA in Social Media Marketing Program. As a leading social media strategist, Neal has created social media strategies, coached implementation, and helped train dozens of companies, form startups and small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises and even a Grammy Award-winning musician. Neal has previously written two award-winning books on LinkedIn. His work has been recognized by the media, appearing in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, Yahoo!, and the American Express OPEN Forum.

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Maximize your Social by Neal Schaffer:

10 Things I love about this book

# 1 – The comprehensive range of topics

No matter whether you are just starting out or already using social media, this  book can be used as the perfect road map from start to finish. It’s a really comprehensive guide that doesn’t just talk about how you can maximise the different social media platforms, but covers every other important aspect of a social media strategy, too. For example, how to conduct a social media audit, how to build your social media team depending on your circumstances and needs, what platform to choose and for what purpose, how to manage potential risks,  how to set up social media guidelines for your employees, how to measure your ROI (return on investment) and much more.


# 2 – Easy digestible chapters

The book Maximize your social by Neal Schaffer presented every topic in easily digestible chapters. It was very well structured and a pleasure to read.


# 3 – The high-quality advice

Every chapter provided high-quality content and brilliant advice. This was often presented as a checklist, as tips, as a personal story or as a case study. Many sections in this book allowed me to learn a lot of new things. Just to mention a few: how to run social media campaigns, how to set up guidelines for employees, what to do if a crisis strikes, how to participate in twitter chats, legal implications that you need to consider and much more. The explanation of different industry-specific terms was also very useful, I was familiar with most of them but there were also terms that were new to me.


maximize your social by neal schaffer

# 4 – The number of resources

I was impressed by the number of resources that have been used in order to provide relevant information in every chapter. Every topic has been backed up with interesting statistics and facts which proves how well-researched the book is. Some figures really caught my attention and were a real eye-opener!




# 5 – The personal experiences 

If a book author shares also his own personal experiences when giving social media speeches, trainings and consultations to his clients (and in this case through the book) it always adds value to the book, no doubt! I’ve read many books in the past and telling stories and sharing experiences makes certain lessons always so much more memorable and meaningful. This book is no exception! Throughout the book I always appreciated finding out about Neal Schaffer’s personal recommendations when he shares what strategy worked and what didn’t work for him personally. By the way, one tip that I went to implement straight away was the colour-coding technique when setting up my content calendar!


# 6 – The inclusion of other 11 contributing professionals

It was a great idea to include other professionals to share their expertise on this subject matter, too. Maximize your social by Neal Schaffer included contributions from these experts spread over 34 pages:

  • Mark Traphagen: Google+ and your SEO
  • Bob Geller: Leveraging the visual in your social media marketing
  • Jayson Duncan: How to leverage video and increase your social media presence with YouTube Marketing
  • Joel Don: The importance of – and how to create – social media guidelines for your employees
  • Rachel Miller: Internal communications and your social media strategy: What you need to know
  • James Wu: A background to social media policy creation
  • Christopher Budd: Crisis in Social Media
  • Jason Eng: Social Media Engagement: Focus on building relationships
  • Joseph Ruiz: A background on integrating social with your other digital marketing properties
  • Akiko Shirai: Social Media requires constant innovation
  • Jim Wendt: The value of never-ending social media experimentation

All these contributions really added value, absolutely loved it!


# 7 – It was motivational

I personally felt that the book Maximize your social by Neal Schaffer motivated me to give it a try to experiment and try new things in the social media world. Not every book is able to get this reaction out of me!


maximize your social by neal schaffer # 8 – The real-life examples and the impact on businesses 

Many try to succeed in social media but fail in the process. In Maximize your social by Neal Schaffer you will find many examples that show the impact that following certain strategies had on different businesses around the world (USA, Japan etc.). There were lots of positive examples (companies who got a significant increase in website traffic, conversion rates, sales figures, number of followers, retweets, etc.) but also negative examples (companies who didn’t manage their online reputation well) from which the reader can learn. Everyone loves to see (positive and impressive) results and for a book like this “real results” do matter!


# 9 – The comparisons 

I found the comparisons that Neal Schaffer made with regard to different platforms as very interesting. He didn’t just emphasise the fact that different social media platforms have a different audience and follow different purposes, but also shared personal experiments that he made. For example, how promotional ads are priced differently on various social media platforms. Other comparisons consisted in showing how different companies were able to achieve an impressive positive ROI (return on investment).


# 10 – The insights

Often I came across some details and insights which I was not aware of. Let me give you just one example: If you want to be featured in the “Google News” section you need to have a history of 40-50 blog posts each month and have multiple authors to represent your blog. But discover by yourself many more interesting findings by reading this book.


What did other influential professionals say about the book Maximize Your Social by Neal Schaffer? 

A book that provides a clear and effective road map that will help your business thrive in an ever changing social world, an awesome framework for creating a powerful presence on ALL social media sites, pragmatic, comprehensive, creative, logical, realistic, clear-eyed, straightforward, simple, superb, straight-up advice, solutions-driven, strategic, no-nonsense, easy to relate to, engaging, actionable, anecdote-filled, invaluable, tactical, actionable, goal-oriented, metrics-based and with real-world insights.


How would I rate it? 

I would give it a 9.5 out of 10.


I would have given it a 10/10, if:

  • Screenshots or pictures would have been included inside the book. The benefit? It would make the book not only visually more appealing to read, e.g. by providing statistics in a visual way (or in form of an infographic), but it would also help the reader to understand more easily certain concepts. Reading a social media book like ‘Maximize your social by Neal Schaffer’ in an interactive way (similar to an iBook) would be a great reading experience, basically reading and watching occasional mini-tutorials (where appropriate) in video format!
  • The 11 contributors who also shared their expertise in the book would have been mentioned additionally somewhere on the book wrap (even though they were credited and appreciated twice inside the book, at the end of their contribution and in the final acknowledgements). I was surprised to see that a publishing house would not use this as an ADDITIONAL SELLING point. I, as a reader, would feel even more motivated to buy a book knowing that – apart from the main book author – also other 11 professionals shared their insights. I don’t think it would have minimized the brand “Neal Schaffer”.
  • A bit more attention would have been paid on page 20 and 96. Little mistakes that could have been avoided.


Would I recommend it? 

Yes, definitely! I consider Maximize your social by Neal Schaffer as a very comprehensive, insightful, highly relevant, action-packed guide that will assist you throughout your journey when planning and implementing your social media strategy. Trust me, this is the book that will help you to get it right straight from the beginning. I consider this book better than many online courses on social media that are available on the internet. Not taking advantage of Neal Schaffer’s experiences and advice would be just foolish! Buy it, read it, learn from it and start implementing! 

Karin Schroeck-Singh



maximize your social Book Title: Maximize your Social

Book Author: Neal Schaffer

Publisher: Wiley

Year of Publication: 2013

Pages: 216

ISBN: 978-1-118-65118-6

Price: $ 20.74 (Hardcover), Kindle Edition ($19.75),





Chapter 1: Reality Check: The Permeating Trends of Social Media and Social Business

Chapter 2: A social Media Strategy: The Framework for the Ever-Changing World of Social Media

Chapter 3: Determining Objectives and Background for Your Social Media Program

Chapter 4: Auditing Your Social Media Program

Chapter 5: Core Elements and Concepts in Your Social Media Strategy

Chapter 6: Blogging as an Essential Part of Every Social Media Strategy

Chapter 7: Maximizing Your Facebook Presence

Chapter 8: Maximizing Your Twitter Presence

Chapter 9: Maximizing Your LinkedIn Presence

Chapter 10: Maximizing Your Google+ Presence

Chapter 11: Maximizing Visual Social Networks

Chapter 12: Determining Staffing Roles and Responsibilities

Chapter 13: Onboarding Your Social Media Strategy

Chapter 14: Managing the Risks

Chapter 15: Creating Your PDCA Workflow

Chapter 16: Integrating Your Social Media Strategy

Chapter 17: The ROI of Your Social Media Strategy

Chapter 18: Conclusions: The Future Evolution of Social Media and Your Social Media Strategy


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