January 1, 2017


My ideal client and my prices


My ideal client: 

… provides me with clear and detailed information about their specific needs.

… has time and is prepared to answer lots of questions. This will allow me to fully customize my services for you.

my ideal client … does not take my honest feedback personally but sees every suggestion as a unique opportunity to improve in the respective area.

… does not start negotiating my set fees.

… is prepared to make the necessary changes in order to achieve the expected result.

… informs me about their progress and keeps in touch with me in the long term.

… shares their personal experience with me on how useful my services have been for them.


No client and no task is too big or too small for me. I love to be challenged, no matter where in the world you reside and what your background is!


I really look forward to working WITH YOU!


Please note:

Every information and case will be dealt with strictest confidence!

strictly confidential


My Prices:

(as of 4 January 2017)



A cover letter – if written professionally – can be your secret weapon in order to stand out from the crowd in the race for talent. I can help you to get it right, straight from the beginning with a 100 % customized letter.


–> Cover Letter Critique:

$ 15.00 (~ £ 13.00)


–> Rewriting an existing cover letter:

$ 25.00 (~ £ 20.00)


–> Writing a cover letter from scratch:

$ 40.00 (~ £ 33.00)




The number 1 mistake that job candidates make when writing their CVs/resumes is that they create a task-focused CV instead of an achievement focused CV. I would love to help you to turn your CV/resume into your very own masterpiece.

–> CV Critique:

$ 20.00 (~ £ 17.00)

–> Rewriting an existing CV:

$ 40.00 (~£ 33.00)

–> Writing a CV from scratch:

$ 60.00 (~£ 49.00)




With an impressive thank you note you can definitely increase your chances of landing your dream job! According to a recent survey conducted by Accounttemps 59 % of HR Managers stated that a post-interview thank you note from a promising candidate is considered as “very helpful” for landing a job.

The benefits of sending a thank you note shortly after your job interview will make you look MORE courteous, MORE polished and MORE memorable than other job candidates! Don’t miss out on this opportunity!


–> 1 Thank You Letter (if you had your interview with one person)

$ 20.00 (~ £ 17.00)


Please note: If you had an interview with more than 1 person, a thank you note should be written to each panel interview member (this would definitely make a great impression!)

–> An additional Thank You Letter for each panel interview member would cost additionally $ 12.00 (~ £ 10.00) per person

Please provide me the following information so that I can provide you with a fully customized solution:

1) Date of the interview

2) Name of your interviewer(s)

3) Name of the company you applied to

4) The job you applied to (with some details, e.g. job description/person specification would be great!)

5) Your interview stage in the hiring process (was it your first interview, or already a second or third interview?)

IMPORTANT! Answering these questions about your personal impression and experience would be very helpful:

6) How welcoming was the interviewer?

7) Did the interviewer show you around the corporate premises?

8) Did the person show you already your office/workplace?

9) Were you introduced to your future work colleagues?

10) Did they answer all your questions in detail?

11) How much time did they spend with you? 

12) Is there anything that you were particularly impressed with?

13) Are there any statements (from every interviewer!) that were particularly memorable to you?

14) Is there anything you have forgotten to mention during the job interview which would be very important for the job?

15) Anything else you would like to mention? 


Please note:

The more details you share, the more impressive the end-result of your thank you note will be! 



If you are looking for a ghostwriter or guest-blogger for career- or business-related articles for your corporate blog, I’m the right person for you! I’m experienced, passionate and always deliver on time!


My articles will be:

-> 100 % unique (no plagiarism!)

-> error free

-> SEO friendly

-> keyword focused

-> well-researched

-> engaging

-> relevant

-> always delivered on time (2-7 days)

-> multilingual (English, German or Italian) if required. They can also be translated by me for an additional fee.


–> 100 words: $ 5.00 (~ £ 4.00) for 100 words

–> Average article of 600 words: $ 30.00 (~ £ 25.00)

–> More detailed article of 1,000 words: $ 50.00 (~ £ 40.00)

–> In-depth article of 2,000 words: $ 100.00 (~ £ 81.00)


If you would like to get a better understanding of my writing quality and style please check out several of my past articles in my blog section. I can also share articles that I have written in the past for other international clients. Please get in touch.



If you need a translation I can help you! I would appreciate if you could forward your text in the following formats (Word or PowerPoint). No PDF files please.

In the past I have translated:

  • Cover letters
  • CVs/Resumes
  • Website content
  • Letters
  • Blog articles


Languages offered: 

translation servicesEnglish –> German

German –> English

English –> Italian

Italian –> English

German –> Italian

Italian –> German


Be aware that any document will be translated manually.

–> every 150 words: $ 5.00 (~ £ 4.00)

–> 1,000 words: $ 35.00 (~ £ 29.00)

–> 2,000 words: $70.00 (~ £ 58.00)



Job Interview CoachingDepending on your time zone I can offer you 2 options:

  • Coaching via Skype


  • Coaching via email messaging (more flexible and offered at a lower price).

My coaching includes the following service:

  • Career Guidance (finding your passion, choosing a new career path, etc.)
  • Job Interview Coaching for any interview type (face to face, video, phone, panel, lunch interview)
  • Soft Skills Training (mainly Communication, Presentation, Business Etiquette, Networking)
  • Solving your career/workplace dilemmas
  • Personal Branding (creation of an online presence, analysis of your current presence)


–> Coaching via Skype:

1 Hour: $ 75.00 (~ £ 61.00)


–> Coaching via Email:

Depends on the client’s personal case (get in touch in order to discuss it further). Thanks.




–> Speech/Presentation: $ 60.00 (~ £49.00) for 1 Hour (locally in Leicester, UK)

For speeches on a national or international level prices vary accordingly.

My speeches are:

  • customized to every client’s personal needs
  • attention grabbing right from the start
  • engaging
  • motivational
  • professional
  • enriched with my personal experiences
  • relevant
  • educational (with lots of tips and real-life lessons)
  • delivered in 3 languages: English, German, Italian (if required)

Topics include: 

  • Soft Skills: How much do they really matter?
  • Secrets to having an impeccable online presence
  • The impressive Job Candidate: How to really stand out in your job hunt 
  • Poor manners: How bad is it really for your business? 


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. Let me help you to optimize your career, too! You will not be disappointed! 



Karin Schroeck-Singh



Karin Schroeck-Singh