navigating career crossroads

“Navigating Career Crossroads”: 10 Things I love about this book

Jane Jackson is a highly respected career management coach and has assisted more than 1,000 clients across Australia and Asia to find their true career path. She is the book author of “Navigating career crossroads: How to survive thrive when changing direction”. Her mission is to give jobseekers more clarity, build their confidence and guide Read more about “Navigating Career Crossroads”: 10 Things I love about this book[…]

business etiquette book by Shital Kakkar Mehra

Business Etiquette book by Shital Kakkar Mehra: 7 Things I love about it

Business Etiquette book by Shital Kakkar Mehra  “Business Etiquette: A Guide for the Indian Professional”   The business etiquette book by Shital Kakkar Mehra “Business etiquette: A Guide for the Indian Professional” caught my attention long time ago. Recently I had the opportunity to read it and now I would like to share the 7 things Read more about Business Etiquette book by Shital Kakkar Mehra: 7 Things I love about it[…]

the job innerview scott engler

Book Review: The Job Inner View by Scott Engler

Scott Engler is the Author of “The Job Inner-View,” and “Legends of The Recruiting & Career World,” and a featured guest blogger at, Human Talent Network and CAREEREALISM. He also gave public speeches on his publications at Pepperdine University, the University of Oregon, and Cal Lutheran University. In the past he gained experience as Read more about Book Review: The Job Inner View by Scott Engler[…]

new rules @ work

“New rules @ work” by Barbara Pachter: Book Review

Barbara Pachter is an internationally-known business etiquette and communications speaker and coach. She has presented more than 2500 seminars all around the world including the first-ever seminar for businesswomen in Kuwait. Barbara Pachter is also adjunct faculty in the School of Business at Rutgers University. She has written ten books, some of those are: New Rules @ Read more about “New rules @ work” by Barbara Pachter: Book Review[…]

Don't burp in the boardroom

Don’t burp in the boardroom: 11 Things I love about this book

Don't burp in the boardroomRosalinda Oropeza Randall is a modern-day pundit on tact and civility. For more than 16 years she has been successfully improving workplace environments and relationships with her insightful and enthusiastic advice. She has been featured in Forbes, Woman’s Day, YahooShine, Small Biz Technology, MetroWest Daily News, Winter Bride 2013, Ser Padres and other publications. She was born and raised in Southern California, lives now in Northern California with her husband Christopher and is a proud mother of 4 children. You can follow her on Twitter @Rosalindatweets and visit her websites at and In this article I would like to highlight the 11 things that I love about her book “Don’t burp in the boardroom”.



Business Etiquette Book Review: “Greet! Eat! Tweet!”

business etiquette book review Barbara Pachter is an internationally renowned business etiquette coach, book author and speaker. She has delivered more than 2,100 seminars around the globe, including the first-ever seminar for businesswomen in Kuwait. Her client list includes many notable organizations, such as Microsoft, Chrysler, Genentech, Merck & Co., Citigroup, Inca., and Pfizer Inc. Barbara Poacher has written eight books, including NewRules@Work: 79 Etiquette Tips, Tools and Techniques to get ahead and stay ahead, that have been translated into 9 languages. She has also appeared on several radio and TV programs, and her professional advice on business etiquette has been featured in dozens of magazines and newspapers. You can follow her on Twitter @BarbaraPachter and visit her website at: Read this business etiquette book review and find out what the 5 things are that I particularly loved about.


things mentally strong people don't do

Book Review: 13 Things mentally strong people don’t do

Amy Morin’s expertise in mental strength has attracted international attention. Her book “13 Things mentally strong people don’t do” is now available in more than 20 languages! Amy Morin is a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist. She is an adjunct psychology instructor and has been counseling children, teens, and adults since 2002. She is also Read more about Book Review: 13 Things mentally strong people don’t do[…]

Disability Etiquette

Book Review: Disability Etiquette by Jane Hatton

Disability Etiquette

Jane Hatton, Founder and Director of Evenbreak

Jane Hatton is the Founder and Director of Evenbreak, a not-for-profit social enterprise, which she founded in 2011. It is run by disabled people for disabled people. Her three aims are as follows: 1) to help companies to attract more talented disabled people. 2) To help disabled people to find job opportunities who will value their skills. 3) to promote the business benefits from employing disabled people. Jane Hatton considers her main skills as having the gift of the gab, a determination to promote fairness, and finding great people to work for Evenbreak. Due to her degenerative spinal condition, she mostly works lying down with a laptop suspended above her. You can check out Jane Hatton’s corporate website at and follow her on Twitter @Evenbreak.In this article I would like to share the 8 things that I loved about her book Disability Etiquette – Being confident around disabled people.



Pearls of polish

Book Review: Pearls of Polish by Diane Gottsman

Diane Gottsman

Diane Gottsman, is the owner of The Protocol School of Texas, a company that specializes in executive leadership and business etiquette training. She earned a Master’s Degree in Sociology with the focus on adult behavior. She is a sought out industry leader, national etiquette authority, television personality, accomplished speaker, and author of the book “Pearls of Polish”. Her clients range from university students to Fortune 500 companies. Diane Gottsman’s training seminars include topics from tattoos in the workplace to technology at the dinner table and the correct use of social media. Her approach to daily etiquette dilemmas is informative, contemporary, fun and stylish.

She is a well-known etiquette expert for two popular morning talk shows, SA Living and Good Day Austin. She is also a Huffington Post blogger, is regularly quoted in media such as CNN, Forbes, The New York Times, Kiplinger’s, US News, The Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune and World Report. Her popular blog regularly attracts international attention. I highly recommend to visit her website at air and to follow her on Twitter @DianeGottsman.

Diane Gottsman’s book “Pearls of Polish” is a practical guide that provides solutions in both business and social situations. There is no such thing as perfection, however, planning and knowledge are the keys to power and polish.



Everyday Etiquette

My Book Review “Everyday Etiquette”

patricia rossi Patricia Rossi is a nationally acclaimed Business Etiquette Coach, book author of ‘Everyday Etiquette’ – How to Navigate 101 Common and Uncommon Social Situations (now in its fifth edition), spokesperson and columnist. She has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg  Businessweek, HGTV, USA Today, Real Simple and many other publications. Her fun and interactive seminars on business etiquette and social influence are loved by universities, professional sports teams, corporations and other audiences. She is also the host of NBC Daytime’s weekly Manners Minute which airs in 165 syndicated television markets. Patricia Rossi lives in Florida with husband Bobby and two sons Jackson and Harrison. I would highly recommend to visit her website at and to follow her also on Twitter (@PatriciaRossi).


the power of civility

Book Review “The Power of Civility” – Top Experts reveal

bookThe book “Power of Civility” is co-authored by 18 top civility and etiquette professionals who share their opinions, experiences and provide insightful tips on how to be more civilized. No matter whether it is at home, at work, in your community, in public or abroad. I found the concept of this book unique, because you can find topics on etiquette which are written by so many different experts. It’s like going to an industry-specific fair and meeting them all under one roof! Great! Many other industries should take a similar approach and write books in which many different authors share their expertise.


Secrets to running a lucrative temp desk

Book Review “Secrets to running a lucrative temp desk”

sophieSophie Robertson is the book author of “Secrets to running a lucrative temp desk”. She has spent 18 years working in the recruitment industry in Australia. She was promoted from Consultant to Branch Manager within 12 months. Sophie Robertson also ran the most profitable of 30 branches for a national recruitment firm for five consecutive years. She is the director of Younique Coaching for the past seven years, has delivered coaching and training sessions to recruiters and recruitment businesses. Sophie Robertson is known for her passionate and motivating common-sense approach to recruitment challenges that gets results. You can visit her website at and follow her on Twitter @youniquesophie.


how to get a job in recruitment sales

How to get a job in Recruitment Sales: My Book Review

Book Recruitment Sales Do you want to work in the recruitment industry? Not really as an in-house recruiter but as a recruiter for a recruitment agency? Then this book called “How to get a job in Recruitment Sales” by Will Duffield will really help you in your job search. You will learn how to do it in a professional, effective and successful way. Find out what the 7 things are that I love about this particular book in which an expert will share his personal experiences and give great advice!

Book Review: “How to get a job in Recruitment Sales”


# 1 – The quotes.
Throughout the book you can find several inspirational quotes which help to emphasise certain points even more.


# 2 – The questions.
The author mastered this part (which I personally consider as one of the best sections of the book) particularly well. You can find lots of highly useful questions in several different chapters. For example:

• How to find out whether the recruitment job is really what you are looking for.
• What to focus on when dealing with recruitment to recruitment agencies (it can be used as a checklist to assess an agency).
• 20 sample interview questions which they might ask you in an interview. I found question 18, 19 and 20 highly interesting! These questions are crucial and no job candidate should go to an interview without having thought about all of them! What makes this section particularly valuable are the author’s suggestions as to how to answer them. He also gives you an idea about the intention for asking the question in the first place.
• Questions to find out how determined you are in earning a considerable amount of money.