Secrets to running a lucrative temp desk

Book Review “Secrets to running a lucrative temp desk”

sophieSophie Robertson is the book author of “Secrets to running a lucrative temp desk”. She has spent 18 years working in the recruitment industry in Australia. She was promoted from Consultant to Branch Manager within 12 months. Sophie Robertson also ran the most profitable of 30 branches for a national recruitment firm for five consecutive years. She is the director of Younique Coaching for the past seven years, has delivered coaching and training sessions to recruiters and recruitment businesses. Sophie Robertson is known for her passionate and motivating common-sense approach to recruitment challenges that gets results. You can visit her website at and follow her on Twitter @youniquesophie.


“Work from home Headhunter”: 6 Things I love about this book

Work from home Headhunter Book

Would you like to work as a headhunter from home? There are many books out there on recruitment, but this is the only one that I came across which tells you how you can succeed as a headhunter by working from home. In this book review I would like to highlight the 6 things that I love about the book “Work from Home Recruiter” by Diane O’Brien.