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Free Online Test: Chinese Business Etiquette (100 Questions)

online test chinese etiquette 2Do you want to do business with the Chinese, in your country or in China? Or are you planning to go to China for holidays and want to learn more about Chinese culture and traditions? Or have you already been to China and you would like to find out how much you really know about Chinese Business Etiquette? For whatever reason you decide to go to China, it’s important to learn to relate with Chinese people quickly and effectively. These are just some of the questions that you will find in this free online test on Chinese Business Etiquette:

* How should serious concerns or disagreements be addressed?

* What does it mean if you point chopsticks at someone?

* When a Chinese person starts singing karaoke, what should you do?

* What gifts should you avoid because they are associated with funerals and death?

* What does it mean if at a restaurant the waiter puts a fake flower on your table?

* How would it be perceived by the Chinese if in the middle of the negotiation process a new associate would be included?


lessons as a Talent Hunter

Top 10 Lessons as a Talent Hunter in China: Marc Ramon Hernandez

Marc Ramon HernandezTop 10 Lessons as a Talent Hunter in China: Marc Ramon Hernandez reveals

Marc Ramon Hernandez shares in this article his Top 10 lessons as a Talent Hunter in China. Find out more about what he learned in his first 12 months as an Entrepreneur and a Talent Hunter at his company, IntuuChina. In his own words….
After that time, I’m ready to admit that I don’t know anything. The more I know, the more I realize about that fact. Different world, different people, different management. Sometimes the solution would be not to try to understand but to assume that things happen the way they happen… Unfortunately, I’m not this kind of person.