Jonathan Burston

Jonathan Burston: Interview with a Job Interview Coach

Jonathan Burston is the founder of Interview Expert Academy. He helps individuals stand out at interviews to get the job they really want. He has spent the last 20 years in senior, sales, marketing and operation roles in organisations from small to large. He’s been interviewed many times and interviewed well over a thousand candidates. Read more about Jonathan Burston: Interview with a Job Interview Coach[…]

Relationship Coach: An Interview with Lorna McCarty

  Lorna McCarty, M.Ed., is a determined, driven, and committed Relationship Coach dedicated to helping women save their marriages by finding the real causes of the problems in their relationship and working with them to build a thriving, lasting connection. As a Relationship Success Strategist she has helped women with relationship related issues for the Read more about Relationship Coach: An Interview with Lorna McCarty[…]

Jennifer Faherty

Jennifer Faherty: Interview with a Career Advisor

What does it feel like to work as a Career Coach? I feel honoured to interview Jennifer Faherty who is a Career Advisor from the USA. Let’s find out what her experiences as a Career Advisor have been so far. Jennifer Faherty established her own private coaching practice in 2013 ( and is committed to helping Read more about Jennifer Faherty: Interview with a Career Advisor[…]

Reginald Jackson

Reginald Jackson: Top 10 Career Lessons

Reginald Jackson Reginald Jackson, Sr. is the Founder and Managing Partner of Joyful Satisfaction Coaching, LLC ( . He primarily works with business leaders and business owners who have a desire elevate their business and their career. Working in these areas can uncover key components and behaviors that drive his clients toward achieving their goals of finding their passion, while becoming stronger and more engaged leaders.

Having served more than 20 years in the United States Marine Corps, Reginald Jackson led and trained hundreds of Marines. This was the foundation of his leadership experience and has proven to be the driving force behind his ability to inspire those around him. Transforming that passion into coaching was a logical progression. Reginald has also served as a Support Coach and Mentor Coach for an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited coach training program (Accomplishment Coaching). You can follow Reginald Jackson on Twitter @OverYourHorizon.


In this article I would like to share the Top 10 Career Lessons that Reginald Jackson learnt in his career.


zebras and cheetahs

Zebras and Cheetahs: 50 Lessons from Micheal Burt

micheal burt

Zebras and Cheetahs is an  entrepreneurial show presented by Micheal Burt. He is the CEO and Founder of Micheal Burt Enterprises LLT. He is also a Coachepreneur whose speciality is to turn managers into coaches, entrepreneurs into people of interest, sales people into superstars, and leaders into legacy thinkers. His company’s goal is to solve problems, such as customer acquisition, obscurity, engagement and business growth. Micheal Burt runs several programs: The Legacy Selling System, Person of Interest, Zebras and Cheetahs and Turn your Managers into Coaches. He was a former championship women’s basketball coach, host of ”Change your Life Radio” and book author of several books. This ‘Ain’t No Practice Life’, ‘SWAG’ and ‘Zeebras and Cheetahs’ are just a few of them. You can follow Micheal Burt on Twitter @MichealBurt or visit his website at