Mirko Udovich

Mirko Udovich: Interview mit einem Personalberater

  Mirko Udovich ist Gründer (1989) und seither geschäftsführender Gesellschafter von Staff & Line Personnel Management. Er studierte an den Universitäten Padua und Verona Psychologie und Pädagogik. Während des Studiums und auch später unterrichtete er an Mittelschulen in Südtirol literarische Fächer, dann führte seine berufliche Station in einen internationalen Industriekonzern. Durch seine Job-Rotation konnte er Read more about Mirko Udovich: Interview mit einem Personalberater[…]

vikram kamboj

Vikram Kamboj: Interview with Editor-in-Chief of ‘The Sports Mirror’

Vikram Kamboj is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of “The Sports Mirror”, a popular online magazine that covers sports reviews, news and opinions from India and around the world. The Sports Mirror also provides fixtures, live scores, details on sports scenarios and famous sportsmen. It is known for its comprehensive coverage of cricket, football, golf, tennis, Read more about Vikram Kamboj: Interview with Editor-in-Chief of ‘The Sports Mirror’[…]

Eltine van der Veer

Eltine van der Veer: Interview with a Web Psychologist

Eltine van der Veer is a Web Psychologist and Research Consultant at Braingineers, a neuromarketing research agency which analyses with the latest technology the human brain and provides insights into the subconscious perception of customers. Braingineers combines this research with their psychological expertise to help their clients make their (TV) commercials, online usability, customer products and Read more about Eltine van der Veer: Interview with a Web Psychologist[…]

Jonathan Burston

Jonathan Burston: Interview with a Job Interview Coach

Jonathan Burston is the founder of Interview Expert Academy. He helps individuals stand out at interviews to get the job they really want. He has spent the last 20 years in senior, sales, marketing and operation roles in organisations from small to large. He’s been interviewed many times and interviewed well over a thousand candidates. Read more about Jonathan Burston: Interview with a Job Interview Coach[…]

Relationship Coach: An Interview with Lorna McCarty

  Lorna McCarty, M.Ed., is a determined, driven, and committed Relationship Coach dedicated to helping women save their marriages by finding the real causes of the problems in their relationship and working with them to build a thriving, lasting connection. As a Relationship Success Strategist she has helped women with relationship related issues for the Read more about Relationship Coach: An Interview with Lorna McCarty[…]

soozy p. miller

Interview with CV Writer Soozy G. Miller

soozy miller
What does it feel like to work as a professional CV writer? I’m delighted to interview Soozy G. Miller and find out more about her job and her experiences. Soozy G. Miller collaborates with private clients at all levels of skill to write and re-write CVs to help them self-market and promote their personal brand with focused, clear content. Soozy guides clients to better resumes, cover letters, thank you letters, follow up letters, LinkedIn profiles, and other social media profiles. She provides paper resumes and works with entrepreneur James Gregware to create interactive material (