reasons why you don't get the job interview

30 Reasons why you don’t get the job interview

Many job seekers approach me with the same dilemma. “I’m sending out lots of applications, why do I never get a response from the Hiring Manager/recruiter?” In this article I would like to dig deeper and provide a list of 30 possible reasons why you don’t get the  job interview. Usually job seekers are supposed Read more about 30 Reasons why you don’t get the job interview[…]

job search strategy free online test

Free Online Test: Job Search Strategy (100 Questions)

Are you thinking of changing job and need to prepare for a job interview? What is your plan for approaching companies in order to land your next dream job? Are you not sure how effective your job search strategy is and whether you take the right steps in your job hunt? Did you take a Read more about Free Online Test: Job Search Strategy (100 Questions)[…]

job search via social media

Job Search via Social Media: 45 Smart Tips to succeed

socialJobSearch[1]If you would need to look for a new job, how would you do it? The traditional way? Reading newspaper job ads, looking at online job boards, sending speculative job applications? Well, there is one approach that you might not have thought about yet, the job search via social media!

We all know it, Social Media can be a great tool for promotional, recruitment, learning and social purposes. Modern jobseekers nowadays have started conducting their job search via social media. Let’s not forget that 92 % of companies use social media for recruitment purposes, and 3 out of 4 HR Managers will check on a candidate’s social profile.

It would be a smart move to use social media as a tool to shine in the online world, whenever a Hiring Manager or recruiter is looking for you. By posting positive, informative and useful content online you will attract some attention, and not be one of those who will land on the pile of rejected candidates based on their inappropriate content that they published.

Recently someone asked me ‘How can I find a job via social media?’ I would like to use this dilemma to share 45 smart and effective ways on how to make your job hunt through social media more effective. It would be a wise decision to create a plan for your job hunt in which you write down the steps that you are going to take on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Get started and stick to your plan!