44 tips for a successful video interview

44 Tips for a successful video interview: My eBook

You might know how to prepare for a face to face interview, but do you also know how to cope in a video interview in which many other important (technical) aspects need to be taken into consideration? 44 Tips for a successful video interview has been written since there are almost no books available on Read more about 44 Tips for a successful video interview: My eBook[…]

no online presence

No online presence, no job interview? 11 Insiders reveal

No online presence, no job interview? How much does it nowadays really matter – for career purposes – to have an online presence? Being invisible online, does it mean that your chances of getting interviews and promotions are drastically reduced? I conducted a survey among 11 Insiders (via personal network and Quora) and asked them Read more about No online presence, no job interview? 11 Insiders reveal[…]

Wine Etiquette free online test

Free Online Test: 100 Quiz Questions on Wine Etiquette

Does the world of wine intimidate you because you feel that you don’t know much about it? And every time you go occasionally out with clients or friends you feel uncomfortable when it comes to choosing and drinking wine? Would going to a wine tasting be a real nightmare for you? Then relax. Take this Read more about Free Online Test: 100 Quiz Questions on Wine Etiquette[…]

SEO Free Online Test

Free Online Test: SEO (100 Questions)

SEO QuizAre you planning to apply for a job as an SEO Manager? Do you think you might have to pass a skills test in the interview process, and want to be best prepared for it? Or are you already an expert in search engine optimization and just want to find out how savvy you really are on this specific topic?

These are just some of the questions that you will find in the quiz. `

  • Is mobile friendliness a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm?
  • What is the recommended number of characters for title tags?
  • What are the three primary components of on-page optimization?
  • What search engines are able to recognize rich snippets?
  • Is Content Marketing considered as technical SEO?
  • How do you calculate the keyword density?
  • What does Domain Authority take into account?
  • What does a high bounce rate of a website indicate?
  • What is the correct default file type for your site map?
  • How can you recover from Penguin?
  • Does adding multimedia help with search engine optimization?




chinese business etiquette

Free Online Test: Chinese Business Etiquette (100 Questions)

online test chinese etiquette 2Do you want to do business with the Chinese, in your country or in China? Or are you planning to go to China for holidays and want to learn more about Chinese culture and traditions? Or have you already been to China and you would like to find out how much you really know about Chinese Business Etiquette? For whatever reason you decide to go to China, it’s important to learn to relate with Chinese people quickly and effectively. These are just some of the questions that you will find in this free online test on Chinese Business Etiquette:

* How should serious concerns or disagreements be addressed?

* What does it mean if you point chopsticks at someone?

* When a Chinese person starts singing karaoke, what should you do?

* What gifts should you avoid because they are associated with funerals and death?

* What does it mean if at a restaurant the waiter puts a fake flower on your table?

* How would it be perceived by the Chinese if in the middle of the negotiation process a new associate would be included?


job search strategy free online test

Free Online Test: Job Search Strategy (100 Questions)

Are you thinking of changing job and need to prepare for a job interview? What is your plan for approaching companies in order to land your next dream job? Are you not sure how effective your job search strategy is and whether you take the right steps in your job hunt? Did you take a Read more about Free Online Test: Job Search Strategy (100 Questions)[…]

video game developer

Video Game Developer: 25 Crucial Interview Questions

hiring a video game developerIt’s surely not enough to just LOVE playing video games in order to work in the professional video games industry. However, being enthusiastic about video games can surely make the job in this specific industry more enjoyable.

So you want to be a Video Game Developer? There are different job roles from which you can choose. If you want to be a designer, you will decide on what a video game should look like and how it plays (by coming up with your own creative idea or work from an already existing idea). Or do you want to be the artist, who creates all the visual characters, scenery and objects of the game by producing storyboards at the planning stage? You might also consider being the animator, the person who basically brings the characters, scenery and objects to life with computer modelling and animation software. However, if you love coding then the job as a stage programmer, who is responsible for all the coding to make sure the game works, might be the most suitable option.


Indian Etiquette Free online test

Free Online Test: Indian Business Etiquette (100 Questions)

Are you planning to go to India for a visit or for business? Would you like to learn more about Indian business etiquette and culture? Or have you already been to India and you would like to find out how much you really know about Indian business etiquette, customs and tradition? Don’t miss the opportunity to take this free online test.

Just some examples of the questions you will find are as follows:

– What is a gift that you should not bring to an Indian (particularly Hindus)?

– How do Indian business meetings usually start?

– What should you do if you are invited at a person’s home and a garland of flowers is placed around your neck?
– What does it mean when an Indian moves his head in a figure 8?
– How much tip are you supposed to give in a restaurant?


Karin Schroeck-Singh

Karin Schroeck-Singh: My Top 40 Career Lessons

If someone would ask you “What are the most important lessons that you learnt in your career?” how would you reply? My name is Karin Schroeck-Singh, I’m the Founder and Trilingual Career Optimizer at Career Heads. In this article I would like to share with my global audience my top 40 career lessons learnt in Read more about Karin Schroeck-Singh: My Top 40 Career Lessons[…]

free online test on presentation skills

Free Online Test on Presentation Skills (100 Questions)

online test presentation skillsFree Online Test on Presentation Skills

Do you need to give a speech or a presentation in the near future? Are you suffering from stage fright? Are you lacking self-confidence? Do you feel that you don’t know how to prepare for and deliver your speech in an effective and impressive way? Are you frightened of answering questions from the audience? Are you unsure on how to captivate your audience’s attention right from the beginning? No matter what the purpose of your presentation or speech is, whether it’s about informing, educating, motivating, entertaining, persuading, inspiring your audience, take this free online test on presentation skills to see whether your approach is right or not.
If you need to hire a public speaker in the future for an event, read this article in which you will get 10 great tips on what important points you need to consider.


Lunch job interview test

The Lunch Job Interview Test: How Recruiters might test you

Lunch InterviewHave you ever been in a situation in which you had two brilliant candidates for a job but really didn’t know who to hire? Why not taking them out for lunch and see how they interact with you and other people in a different social environment? I used this strategy quite often in my recruitment career. In hindsight, I must say that applying the lunch job interview test, very often really helped me to make the right hiring decision. This experience will reveal a lot more from a candidate. You will get a much better understanding of their personality and know whether this is really the person you want to hire or recommend to a client.

This article would be basically beneficial for both parties, the recruiter and the job candidate. The recruiter will get an idea how to approach the lunch job interview test, while candidates get a better understanding of the mistakes that they should possibly avoid during this lunch job interview test.


Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment Consultant, are you ready for these 10 scenarios?

CareerHeadsImagine… you are applying for a job as a Recruitment Consultant. One of the job requirements are that you are tenacious, persevere and demonstrate a positive attitude at all times. Why do you think would that be required? Well, you might face different situations – some or all of them – which might come up unexpectedly and maybe in the last minute. Let me give you a better understanding of various scenarios that you might face in your job as a

Recruitment Consultant

# 1 – You find a client, but no suitable candidates.

# 2 – You find an excellent candidate, but can’t find a suitable hiring company.

# 3 – You have a client and a good candidate, but the candidate doesn’t turn up for the interview.

# 4 – You have a client, but he tells you in the last minute that he already found someone else (while you were about to present him your best shortlisted candidates).


job search via social media

Job Search via Social Media: 45 Smart Tips to succeed

socialJobSearch[1]If you would need to look for a new job, how would you do it? The traditional way? Reading newspaper job ads, looking at online job boards, sending speculative job applications? Well, there is one approach that you might not have thought about yet, the job search via social media!

We all know it, Social Media can be a great tool for promotional, recruitment, learning and social purposes. Modern jobseekers nowadays have started conducting their job search via social media. Let’s not forget that 92 % of companies use social media for recruitment purposes, and 3 out of 4 HR Managers will check on a candidate’s social profile.

It would be a smart move to use social media as a tool to shine in the online world, whenever a Hiring Manager or recruiter is looking for you. By posting positive, informative and useful content online you will attract some attention, and not be one of those who will land on the pile of rejected candidates based on their inappropriate content that they published.

Recently someone asked me ‘How can I find a job via social media?’ I would like to use this dilemma to share 45 smart and effective ways on how to make your job hunt through social media more effective. It would be a wise decision to create a plan for your job hunt in which you write down the steps that you are going to take on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Get started and stick to your plan!


profile picture what it really says about you

Your Profile Picture: 20 Tips on what to avoid

 blondlastAre you one of those people who think it doesn’t really matter what profile picture you display on your social media accounts? Well, for many people your profile picture is the first thing that they will notice about you. What impression do you really want to leave? Your picture (and your bio) will have an impact on whether people are prepared to follow you, comment on your posts, retweet you, eventually hire you, or to connect with you.

Did you know that according to a study conducted by Belgium’s Ghent University, the candidate with the most favourable Facebook profile picture received roughly 21 % more positive feedbacks in comparison with other job candidates with their less favourable profile picture? The chances of being immediately invited to a job interview also increased to almost 40 %. These differences make clear that employers do screen their candidates via Facebook.  

When I’m reviewing people’s online presence I’m still surprised to see a very small number of good profile pictures. You would think it’s something that common sense tells you, but apparently it’s not. I’m not even talking about the technical quality and sharpness of a picture but generally the way people choose to present themselves online.  



Karin Schroeck-Singh

Lessons learnt in Off Road Racing: Karin Schroeck-Singh

Karin Schroeck Singh If my father would not have been running a motorbike business in Italy, I don’t think it would have crossed my mind to get into motorbike racing. At the age of 6, I was riding an orange Italjet with stabilizers. Later, at the age of 15, I started competing in enduro races in Northern Italy with a Kram-It 80cc. Few years later I followed my dad’s advice and changed category by riding a Yamaha XT 250cc.  I stopped racing in 1994 at the age of 23. It was not just me, but also my father and my brother who enthusiastically participated in this sport. In that sense, we were quite a remarkable family. My father who was racing until his 50s, my brother Stefan who now at the age of 46 is still active and successful also abroad, and me, the young lady who was always curious to try new things – all of us supported by my lovely mother. In this article I would like to share my lessons learnt in off road racing.


Derek Halpern

Derek Halpern: 25 Lessons to be learnt

2246665Derek Halpern is the Founder of SocialTriggers. He has a proven track record for building blogs from scratch to Everest-like subscriber numbers . An example? He got 26,778 subscribers in 13 months. He is also the co-founder of the online course Software ZippyCourses. He impacted 5,000,000 people, reached clients in 69 countries and built a profitable business by doing things he loves. In September Derek Halpern also released Social Triggers TV, a web video show in which he reveals valuable tips for all those entrepreneurs who are trying to grow their business.