61 Lessons from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Steve Jobs – Today he would have turned 61. The Harvard Business Review called him “the world’s best performing CEO”, the Wall Street Journal praised him as “Person of the Decade” and Fortune magazine proclaimed him as “The CEO of the decade”. He was able to transform seven industries: phones, music, personal computing, tablet computing, animated movies, digital publishing and retail stores. He surely deserves to be added to the list of great innovators, such as Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison etc. He co-founded Apple Inc. in 1976 from his parents’ garage and was kicked out of his own company in 1985. He came back to rescue the same company in 1997 when it was near bankruptcy. By October 2011 (before he died) he was able to turn Apple into the world’s most valuable company. Respect, Mr Jobs! What are the lessons from Steve Jobs that we can learn?


zebras and cheetahs

Zebras and Cheetahs: 50 Lessons from Micheal Burt

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Zebras and Cheetahs is an  entrepreneurial show presented by Micheal Burt. He is the CEO and Founder of Micheal Burt Enterprises LLT. He is also a Coachepreneur whose speciality is to turn managers into coaches, entrepreneurs into people of interest, sales people into superstars, and leaders into legacy thinkers. His company’s goal is to solve problems, such as customer acquisition, obscurity, engagement and business growth. Micheal Burt runs several programs: The Legacy Selling System, Person of Interest, Zebras and Cheetahs and Turn your Managers into Coaches. He was a former championship women’s basketball coach, host of ”Change your Life Radio” and book author of several books. This ‘Ain’t No Practice Life’, ‘SWAG’ and ‘Zeebras and Cheetahs’ are just a few of them. You can follow Micheal Burt on Twitter @MichealBurt or visit his website at http://www.CoachBurt.com