how to position yourself as an expert

How to position yourself as an expert: 7 Global Experts reveal

A lot has been said on how to position yourself as an expert. It’s not just about corporate branding anymore but PERSONAL branding, too. There are many options available nowadays: writing a best-selling book, being featured in world-known publications, running your own TV-Show, having a popular YouTube channel, having an impeccable online presence across several platforms, Read more about How to position yourself as an expert: 7 Global Experts reveal[…]

should business cards have your photo

Should Business Cards have your photo? 11 Global Professionals reveal

I wanted to know from several industry experts around the world what their views are with regard to “Should business cards have your photo?” I’m proud to present you what they had to say …..   Sam Hurley, #1 Digital Marketing Influencer of the world, Director, Growth Hacker, UK Should business cards have your photo? Read more about Should Business Cards have your photo? 11 Global Professionals reveal[…]

stand out with your business card

Stand out with your business card – 8 smart ideas

  Do you have a business card? How original is it? If I look at business cards that I collected in the past from different people all around the world, there is only one word that comes to my mind and describes them best: BORING! Nothing special, nothing creative, nothing unique! There is no WOW Read more about Stand out with your business card – 8 smart ideas[…]

job search via social media

Job Search via Social Media: 45 Smart Tips to succeed

socialJobSearch[1]If you would need to look for a new job, how would you do it? The traditional way? Reading newspaper job ads, looking at online job boards, sending speculative job applications? Well, there is one approach that you might not have thought about yet, the job search via social media!

We all know it, Social Media can be a great tool for promotional, recruitment, learning and social purposes. Modern jobseekers nowadays have started conducting their job search via social media. Let’s not forget that 92 % of companies use social media for recruitment purposes, and 3 out of 4 HR Managers will check on a candidate’s social profile.

It would be a smart move to use social media as a tool to shine in the online world, whenever a Hiring Manager or recruiter is looking for you. By posting positive, informative and useful content online you will attract some attention, and not be one of those who will land on the pile of rejected candidates based on their inappropriate content that they published.

Recently someone asked me ‘How can I find a job via social media?’ I would like to use this dilemma to share 45 smart and effective ways on how to make your job hunt through social media more effective. It would be a wise decision to create a plan for your job hunt in which you write down the steps that you are going to take on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Get started and stick to your plan!


Nancy Katyal

Nancy Katyal: Interview with an Indian Image Consultant

Nancy Katyal 6Nancy Katyal is the Founder, CEO, Lead Image Consultant, Storyteller and Soft Skills Advocate at “ThePerfectYou” (Pune, India), She brings the perfect blend of knowledge and experience to make individuals as well as corporate professionals look the part through the words they speak, the clothes they wear, body language and etiquette.

She has spoken on key forums like the Toastmasters, Harkishan Mehta Foundation, Mumbai and Wikipedia Pune. Nancy Katyal is amongst the 12 Indians listed in the International Storyteller Network. Her columns have been featured in the Times of India and The New Indian Express. She also worked with TEDx Pune in 2013 as the Image Building Partner for the speakers. Her 10-year-old daughter Ishita was the youngest speaker at a TED Youth Conference in New York and really impressed the audience! You can follow Nancy Katyal on Twitter @nancykatyal.