working from home scams

Working from home scams: 8 Signs on how to spot them

work from home careerheadsDid you know that an estimated 300,000 people a year in the UK alone fall victim to working from home scams? The number continues to grow as more and more desperate individuals seeking quick money-making solutions throw cash at scam companies.

For stay-at-home parents, retired senior citizens, students, low income families, unemployed people etc. working from home job offers in the print media or online may appear like the perfect solution to make some extra money. Be very careful because most of these working from home offers are designed to make money from other people.

There are some legitimate jobs out there, but be vigilant when you read about “Working from home jobs”. Most of the time they are fraudulent operations and hidden working from home scams instead.


“Work from home Headhunter”: 6 Things I love about this book

Work from home Headhunter Book

Would you like to work as a headhunter from home? There are many books out there on recruitment, but this is the only one that I came across which tells you how you can succeed as a headhunter by working from home. In this book review I would like to highlight the 6 things that I love about the book “Work from Home Recruiter” by Diane O’Brien.