how to spot a pro-active candidate

How to spot a pro-active candidate during an interview

Recently I asked HR Expert Bishwabandita Guru the following question “How do you spot a pro-active candidate, someone who is a self-starter and takes initiative?  This is what she had to say with regard to how to spot a pr0-active candidate during a job interview. How to spot a pro-active candidate   It is imperative for Read more about How to spot a pro-active candidate during an interview[…]

Bishwabandita Guru

Bishwabandita Guru: Top 10 Lessons learnt as a Recruiter

bishwabandita guru Bishwabandita Guru works with companies to help them improve their recruitment and retention strategies. She has an MBA (HR), is currently a Business Partner with WebHr and is also pursuing a Ph.D. She considers herself as a die-hard social media enthusiast, you can follow Bishwabandita Guru on Twitter (@GetBandita).

Bishwabandita Guru has learned a lot working earlier as a newbie Recruiter in the Infrastructure sector at Bhubaneswar (India) and as a Recruitment Specialist in the Manufacturing sector in Bangalore and Chennai (India). Mentioned below are 10 specific lessons that she learnt which she would like to share which can be put to good use if followed.