profile picture what it really says about you

Your Profile Picture: 20 Tips on what to avoid

 blondlastAre you one of those people who think it doesn’t really matter what profile picture you display on your social media accounts? Well, for many people your profile picture is the first thing that they will notice about you. What impression do you really want to leave? Your picture (and your bio) will have an impact on whether people are prepared to follow you, comment on your posts, retweet you, eventually hire you, or to connect with you.

Did you know that according to a study conducted by Belgium’s Ghent University, the candidate with the most favourable Facebook profile picture received roughly 21 % more positive feedbacks in comparison with other job candidates with their less favourable profile picture? The chances of being immediately invited to a job interview also increased to almost 40 %. These differences make clear that employers do screen their candidates via Facebook.  

When I’m reviewing people’s online presence I’m still surprised to see a very small number of good profile pictures. You would think it’s something that common sense tells you, but apparently it’s not. I’m not even talking about the technical quality and sharpness of a picture but generally the way people choose to present themselves online.