top tips for creating an impressive video resume

30 Top Tips for creating an impressive Video Resume

video resumeIn this article I would like to share 30 top tips for creating an impressive video resume. Let’s be honest, if I would have to hire someone, I would ask potential new hires to submit a video resume (as a replacement for the cover letter), apart from a resume on paper. If I don’t like what I see in that  video resume, good bye! I would not invest any more time in looking at the person’s resume, no matter how well qualified they are.

Are you wondering why I would choose that approach? Let me tell you: The first benefit would be that I would only deal with candidates who are seriously interested in that particular position. These jobseekers are those, who are prepared to make an additional effort to create a video (or even to ask someone for technical help in getting it very professionally done ,if they can’t do it themselves!). Let’s be honest, most of the candidates at that stage would already turn to other job offers instead and submit their CVs and cover letters electronically and be done with it! So, by inviting candidates to submit video resumes, I would be able to deal with only those jobseekers that are prepared to go the extra mile. Secondly, I would already get an understanding of the way a person communicates, behaves and presents themselves by watching the video before I meet them eventually in person. Thirdly, if the position that I’m trying to fill is marketing related or requires creative skills, I would already get an idea of their skills level.